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winter plan | 2018

Winter Plan December 2017 – January 2018 – February 2018 Welcome to my first seasonal plan! I am conveniently skipping over December, you see, since it is the past. Thinking back, I don’t know how I could have worked out any sort of goals last month except Feed Family, Acquire Gifts, and Survive Travel. Anyway, […]

when life hands you kittens…

I am having trouble getting posts up here in a timely fashion. This has nothing to do with what I’ve been reading or what I’ve been feeling – my usual excuses for radio silence – and everything to do with time management troubles. Apartment-life-management troubles. Life management troubles. Trouble is the wrong word, perhaps. I […]

spring things

1. April in Boston, man. It’s a dream. The sun shows up in the morning, birds chirping, etc. The sun is still up when I get out of work. Things are getting green again, flowers are everywhere. Lovely cool breezes and sunglasses. On Friday, we ran the Southwest Corridor park and discovered there is a […]

seven things for a friday

1. I got to leave my windowless office today to visit a branch library. It was the cutest little branch by the beach, and such a nice little children’s space – nice collection, nice layout, very neat and well-kept and inviting. A nice way to spend a Friday. 2. This morning I was 10 pages […]


1. Today is the first day of March. March means my birthday (a holiday I usually like), St. Patrick’s Day (a holiday I usually hate), some basketball, there is some sun out when I get out of work at 5 p.m., and we all hold a sliver of hope that maybe, MAYBE the snow and […]

links i love

What Should Children Read? I realize that complaining about the Common Core is SO last year at this point… but wow, it is SO WEIRD. This New York Times opinion piece is a good primer of how the Common Core standards interact with children’s literature, and how maybe that isn’t an awful thing. As someone […]

so you ran out of This American Life, vol. 3

You remember my blue notebook, right? Well, I have three weeks worth of data now, and the numbers are in: I manage to listen to 12 to 20 podcasts a week, even without podcasting during my commute. Yow-za. Anyway, recently I felt the urge to replenish my supply with some new podcasts. I’d recently caught […]

links i love

The Anxious Idiot I am someone who suffers from a lot of free-floating anxiety. Maybe I’m diagnosable, maybe I’m not, but in order not to curl up into a ball and die, I sometimes have to focus really intently on separating feelings of anxiety from my intellectual knowledge of what those feelings are and how […]

my brain on the internet: workflowy

So I just discovered the best website a few weeks ago and I need to share it with you, post haste. Y’all are list-makers, right? Organizers, note-takers, chart-makers… the whole lot of you. I can tell. I am always trying to find the best place to corral my tasks, my goals, and my random thoughts. […]

summer links

  What Do Professors Do All Summer? In an effort to dispel any misinformation surrounding the purportedly leisure-filled lives of full-time professors, this series of posts details a week of summer days spent by one such professional. By nature, I think “day in the life” posts are fascinating… but this particular professor happens to be […]