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what will i learn next?

So, this is my last week of grad school. … correction: SO, THIS IS MY LAST WEEK OF GRAD SCHOOL YOU GUYS OMGASDFASDFWEreralkejr;lwk232 I have been in school since August of 2009. I have not had more than a week’s break from classes in almost three years. I’ve been working anywhere between 1 and 27 […]

so you ran out of This American Life…

There comes a time in every girl’s life when your demand for This American Life podcasts outpaces a measly one-episode-a-week demand. It’s understandable. Life throws you a lot of tedious tasks that simply can’t be accomplished without auditory assistance. Like cleaning. Folding laundry. Exercising. Opening boxes of books for hours (just me? huh…). Or walking. […]

some links for march

These are the Ways You Love Yourself “forgive yourself for not handling it all better, for feeling like you let others down. the path is not done, the road is not finished, why are you trying so hard to rush the whole thing? celebrate the fact that your story has some major departures.” I love […]

birthday wish list

Friends, in twelve days I am celebrating a birthday. I am going to be quite old, let me tell you. Quite old, indeed. And while I have little desire to add more stuff to my life, if you, for some reason, are sitting at home and saying “Gosh, I sure want to send Jessica a […]

three things i learned today

1. Beverly Cleary is the oldest living Newbery Award winner. She is 95 years old. 2. Ned Vizzini has a new book coming out this year. It is sci-fi/fantasy-y… but I have been reading Mr. Vizzini since I read Teen Angst? Naaahh… in like, 1998 or something. His new book – The Other Normals, due […]