about me


Hi! I’m Jessica. Longtime blogger, first time profile-pic updater. Surprise! I got old.

When I first started writing online I was an actual teenager. Now I just read books about teenagers. And review them. And buy a lot of them for other teenagers (and adults) to read because I am a librarian and that is my job.

When I am not reading and reviewing books for teenagers, I am reading books for children. Or I am reading books for adults. Or listening to audiobooks of all sorts.

When I’m not doing any of that, I’m usually going to bed early, cooking/eating/thinking about food, making excessive on-paper plans and schedules with a stationary stash that would make teenaged-Jessica weep, listening to podcasts, self-improving, trying to have big ideas, and hanging out with my darling husband, our little boy, and our baby girl.

When I’m not doing any of THAT, I find time to show up here and write something about my life. With books. Check back three or four times a year for this valuable content, and more!