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when life hands you kittens…

I am having trouble getting posts up here in a timely fashion. This has nothing to do with what I’ve been reading or what I’ve been feeling – my usual excuses for radio silence – and everything to do with time management troubles. Apartment-life-management troubles. Life management troubles. Trouble is the wrong word, perhaps. I […]


One more piece of advice for those of you looking to Read More Books, or otherwise fulfill librarian/avid reader/nerd girl stereotypes:   Procure a cuddly cat creature. You will find yourself frequently trapped, pinned down, unable to get up and move around your home as you please, and that one chapter you wanted to read […]

life as a normal human: sick days

You go to sleep with a sore throat, wake up with a headache. Walking from bedroom to bathroom seems about all the walking you can muster at a time. So you call in sick. And it’s been a long time since you’ve called in sick. In school, you were prone to going to class ill, […]

happy blah day

I am feeling too blah for words today. There is only one cure I can think of: dreaming about a new kitten. Look how cute the one I have used to be! Or maybe an extended cuddling session with this grown-up kitty named Peach. She grew up awful cute. Please note that “working for another […]

what a peach

My animal did not particularly enjoy her trip back to her birth state. On the drive from Boston to Jackson, Peach sat in the backseat, curled up fairly compactly, and refused to move or eat or drink or use her litter box for the entirety of the 14 hour trip. And when we carried her […]

the joy

Still grumpy. But will you LOOK at this! She is just so cute.