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in 2015

  The Boy and I returned from our family vacation on January 3rd. We caught an early flight, so I spent most of the day napping and watching House Hunters. Not exactly seizing the new year. In fact, it is the 21st as I write this and am currently seizing very little. 2015 definitely didn’t […]


2013 I was only sick once. I kept an extra t-shirt and a pair of socks in my desk at work. Like an actual grown up. I flew on eighteen different airplanes. Apologies, atmosphere. You may be pleased to hear, though, that I did not own a car for one single day in 2013. I […]

things you do when you can’t do the things you do

It is hard to make any statements or judgements regarding the last seven days because, well, I am not sure that this seven days can be compared to anything else in the history of The Weeks of My Life. Or maybe the weeks of anyone’s lives, I don’t know. A holiday weekend followed shortly by […]


In accordance with my self-imposed More Documenting credo, I have been filling three little notebooks with The Things That I Do. The red notebook is for books (because one list isn’t enough), the pink notebook is for meals (because I am in a perpetual state of Meal Planning Angst, unable to remember a single dish […]

more in 2013

Aside from my Super-Secret New Year’s Resolutions which I am still not going to tell you about, I am hoping that 2013 is a year of more.   More movies because I enjoy movies and never make enough time to watch them. I’m not setting a hard goal, but maybe 50? 50 seems like a […]

to share or not to share?

Listen guys. You know I enjoy telling y’all about the minutiae of my life, despite the fact that this habit may some day get me murdered or fired, and has more than once led to uncomfortable encounters with colleagues and family members alike. This doesn’t stop me. My big mouth is unstoppable. And you also […]

new year’s resolutions: the overdue edition

When one announces one’s uh… ambitious New Year’s Resolutions on the internet, it is probably safe to assume that this person in question plans on keeping said resolutions, updating the public regularly, and generally following through, feeling good, and bragging about his or her improved quality of life and stick-to-it-iveness. I obviously posted once about […]

weekly: week thirty-seven

September 9 – September 15 This week, The Boy bought his first power tool – a 30 dollar drill. He has now drilled holes in a number of pieces of furniture and in many walls happily, and offered to make me a bookshelf. I had a similarly adult transformation: I bought my first wine glasses. […]

one last push

I have been visited by the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, and their names are: 1. Apartment Hunting A painful dance, balancing what luxuries you’ve grown accustomed to, where you can live to accommodate your commute, what kind of lifestyle you believe you deserve, and oh, what you can afford. Apartment hunting makes me want […]

2012: week twenty-six

June 24 – June 30 This week, I struggled a lot with this whole “self motivation” thing. My life no longer has a lot of those helpful supports that enable productivity – jobs where I sit in front of a computer, regularly scheduled work shifts, time by myself at home. But life is life, and […]