01 Jan 2013

more in 2013

Aside from my Super-Secret New Year’s Resolutions which I am still not going to tell you about, I am hoping that 2013 is a year of more.


More movies

because I enjoy movies and never make enough time to watch them. I’m not setting a hard goal, but maybe 50? 50 seems like a nice, round number.


More documenting

because I love documenting. It might seem silly or self-indulgent to fixate so much on one’s own existence, but it brings me pleasure to record my own goings on. I bought some little Clairefontaines to record things such as movies watched, books read, and dinners enjoyed. Also: a new paper journal.


More autopilot

Not everything requires daily stress, frequent attention. Some things should just run well mostly by themselves. This year, meal planning, family finances, and blogging logistics all go on autopilot.


More tea drinking

I don’t like tea, but maybe I do. I don’t know. It’s no coffee, but coffee is expensive and a pain to acquire/brew properly and keeps you up at night, as where tea can be consumed in nearly unlimited quantities, and it makes you feel fancy. I drink a cup or two a day now in addition to my coffee habits and okay fine, I like it and I want to drink more.


More social media engagement

This is like an anti-resolution, like resolving to start smoking and gain 20 pounds. But I haven’t been as active on Twitter and other social media places lately, and I think it’s out of laziness rather than a conscious decision to cut back. Less sitting around and reading your Twitter-stream, your Facebook feed, and more joining in on the fun!


More meditation

I am not good at meditation but it seems like exactly the kind of skill that I should try to get better at – the skill of shutting yourself up. Practice makes perfect, however, so this year, more practice is in store.


More owning my decisions

It’s okay to make decisions for yourself without the excessive input of other people, and it’s okay to talk about those decisions, and it’s okay to ask that others respect them. This sounds like a big deal that I am being deliberately vague about, but it’s not. It’s just little every day stuff, but I am happier when I make my own choices and take responsibility for them every day, that’s all.


Also, I wanted to make a Do Something Every Day resolution that would actually improve my quality of life immediately and tangibly, so in 2013, I am going to make my bed every day. Today this task was completed at 8:30 p.m. which still totally counts. Also, although I do love my mismatched pillowcases, one from Target and one from my grandmother’s house, and our hand-me-down quilt, maybe I will also acquire some more grown up bedroom linens in 2013 as well? One step at a time. If you make the bed, they will come. Or something like that.


  1. Janssen wrote:

    I am the world’s biggest proponent of making the bed 🙂

    Posted on 1.10.13 · Reply to comment
    • jessica wrote:

      Although my resolution is Making-the-Bed Only, my bedroom has been spotless for an entire week. This is a major accomplishment. I think I might be a bed-making convert.

      Posted on 1.11.13 · Reply to comment

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