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new year’s resolutions: the overdue edition

When one announces one’s uh… ambitious New Year’s Resolutions on the internet, it is probably safe to assume that this person in question plans on keeping said resolutions, updating the public regularly, and generally following through, feeling good, and bragging about his or her improved quality of life and stick-to-it-iveness. I obviously posted once about […]

weekly: week thirty-seven

September 9 – September 15 This week, The Boy bought his first power tool – a 30 dollar drill. He has now drilled holes in a number of pieces of furniture and in many walls happily, and offered to make me a bookshelf. I had a similarly adult transformation: I bought my first wine glasses. […]

one last push

I have been visited by the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, and their names are: 1. Apartment Hunting A painful dance, balancing what luxuries you’ve grown accustomed to, where you can live to accommodate your commute, what kind of lifestyle you believe you deserve, and oh, what you can afford. Apartment hunting makes me want […]

2012: week twenty-six

June 24 – June 30 This week, I struggled a lot with this whole “self motivation” thing. My life no longer has a lot of those helpful supports that enable productivity – jobs where I sit in front of a computer, regularly scheduled work shifts, time by myself at home. But life is life, and […]

happy coffee-versary!

After a few weeks of feeling grumpy, tired, and finding myself stuffing my face with popcorn and junk every night with little regard to my actual hunger… SURPRISE! I can’t really fit into my jeans anymore. I am poor and my jeans are cute and I know it is good for me anyway so as […]

happy marathon monday!

You guys, it’s almost Marathon Monday! Here are some lazy and non-lazy fun things to do to celebrate Boston’s Running Holiday: 1. Watch Spirit of the Marathon This is probably my favorite documentary, about four folks running the Chicago marathon. There is interesting information about the history of street racing and lots of that emotional […]

the sweetness

Almost exactly one year ago, I decided to give up sugar and simple carbs. It took me quite a few months to muster the courage to completely quit, but I spent most of last semester without it. Favorites I went without include… Energy drinks Baking/complementary baked goods Toast Unlimited amounts of fruit Sugary coffee drinks […]

new year’s resolutions – one month in

Welcome to February. How am I doing about those goals that I set for myself over a month ago? I can’t even remember what all these goals are, so this should be interesting.   Start first-thing-in-the-morning writing Boo to this one. We have two limiting factors: 1. I am feeling anxious. The first few weeks […]

on employment

Sometime in autumn, 2009, I sat down and wrote up my first three year plan. There wasn’t much there – despite what you might think of me, I don’t micromanage that far ahead in time. I wanted to do a little macro-managing. Draw a box around Spring semester. “Turn 25,” “Turn 26,” “Turn 27.” A […]

2012 resolutions

Start first-thing-in-the-morning writing Look, guys. I used to feel really good about myself in terms of writing. I wasn’t the kind of writer who skipped meals or hobbies or sleep because of the pull-to-the-page, but I got it done. I was good at showing up, at sitting down. I feel like if I ever want […]