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weekly: week thirty-seven

September 9 – September 15

This week, The Boy bought his first power tool – a 30 dollar drill. He has now drilled holes in a number of pieces of furniture and in many walls happily, and offered to make me a bookshelf.

I had a similarly adult transformation: I bought my first wine glasses. Those of you who have known my longstanding proclivity to drink wine from cups – plastic, if you have it – realize what a monumental five dollar purchase this was!

However, I decided that tomorrow will be my first day of the Whole30 challenge, and my wine glasses will remain unfilled for the next thirty days. This nutritional mind-body transformation better be good… now excuse me, I need to go hard-boil some eggs.


Listening To:

  • Tom Waits – The Mule Variations
  • The Last Five Years
  • The sound of holes being drilled


  • Still auditioning Up All Night
  • Daily episodes of “Liberal Propaganda” – The Boy’s choice of The Daily Show, Bill Maher, Colbert Report, or the Rachel Maddow Show.
  • It stands to note that I voluntarily watched a football game this week. In a bar.
  • An episode of Breaking Bad. We are also auditioning LOST replacement shows…


  1. Lindsey Woho says:

    Uggghhhh The Last Five Years, aka me crying in the shower and belting “I Can Do Better Than That” every time I get dumped. Is Agorafabulous awesome? I really love S.Benincasa.

    • jessica says:

      Yeah, I think Lance things I periodically suffer heartbreak as I sing randomly around the house…

      … and I have been listening to Ms. Benincasa’s podcast semi-obsessively, and I think I have a crush. Did you read Agorafabulous? If you ever wanted to know everything about where I lived before moving to MI, 90% of the book takes place in my hometown. Rural NJ ftw

  2. Elena says:

    I was JUST getting on to comment about Last Five Years!! Love, love, love it. My favorite is the Schmuel song (no clue why) and I also like Nobody Needs to Know because apparently I like emotionally cutting myself.

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