18 Sep 2012

the best of summer 2012

Despite what I might have portrayed here, this summer wasn’t all jobs & stress & retail. I did have a few moments of summer fun. I even put on my swimsuit once! Here are some of the highlights:

My close and semi-extended family descending upon Boston for my graduation.

My Favorite Darling Roommate coming to visit.

(Please guess which two ladies in this picture went to an open bar wedding the previous night!)

That day I went to a job interview, then laid on the beach and ate Cheet-os.

Lantern festival picnic in the Forest Hills Cemetery.

Fancy rooftop risotto & scallops & sangria at Daedalus.

Watching my sisters get married while we shopped for wedding venues.

All-terrain backyard urban croquet.

And last but not least…

A multitude of summer sunsets in Boston.

Lucky for me, the fall sunsets are pretty great, too.

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