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printz authors in 2017

True confession: I almost missed the ALA awards announcements last year. I was fresh from maternity leave, in the thick of juggling new daily routines, childcare, childcare related upper respiratory illnesses, returning to a job that I hadn’t done in 6+ months, and nursing a sweet baby boy at all hours of the night. This […]

2015 National Book Awards

Well, it seems I have somehow missed the window for blogging about the National Book Awards longlist… and judging by how long it takes me to churn out a fully-formed post these days, I’m criss-crossing my fingers that by the time you darling readers see this post, I won’t have missed the window for talking […]

horn book at simmons 2015

Friends, family, and other concerned parties: I am still alive and reading. Well, assuming you consider picking up a different book every day and reading 10 pages before putting it down to watch an episode of Gilmore Girls to be reading. At any rate, I am alive, and full intending on returning to this blog […]

Boston Globe-Horn Book Awards 2015

Hey! It’s time for another book award post! Remember when I used to post these? (Remember when I used to post anything?) Well, the 2015 Boston Globe-Horn Book Awards were announced this past week, and I want to show you who won…   because I was a judge!   Oh, that was an awkward lead […]

reading rockstar

This morning I woke up to a foot-ish of snow and the cold, hard reality that my employer was expecting me to show up at work. Also, a post-Super Bowl Too Much Food&Drink Not Enough Sleep situation. Read: grumpy as hell. I did, however, make it into the office in time to watch the webcast […]

2014 National Book Awards

This summer was a bit of a warped time situation for me. I went on two vacations and slept in five different states. The Boy was home… a lot. I wore the same five dresses every single week. This summer went on forever. But last week it got cold and I had to wear pants […]

(not so) Premature Printz

When I started dreaming up this post, I was going to title it Premature Printz Predictions. Because I started crafting this post in June, only halfway through 2014. Sometime between June and now, postulating upon potential Printz pics became… um… timely. So there you have it. I’m a procrastinator. A Printz Predicting Procrastinator. Okay, I’m […]

Boston Globe-Horn Book Awards 2013

Hey! The Boston Globe-Horn Book Awards were just announced! …umm… back in May. When I was completely strung out on wedding shit. However, that doesn’t mean they are not worth celebrating. Especially when two of my favorite YA books of the year appeared on the fiction list! I will be attending the awards ceremony again […]

2013 National Book Awards

Happy National Book Award week! I am always excited for the NBA’s as they mark the official start of AWARDS SEASON! National Book. End of Year Book Lists. Alex & William C. Morris, then the rest of the ALA Youth Media Awards. Cybils. Throw the Oscars in there too. It’s a happy time of year […]

2013 Cybils Awards

Oh, 2013, where did you go? Wasn’t it just a few months ago that I was maxing out my library holds, throwing out my shoulders carrying home huge piles of weekend reading, waking up in the still hours of the freezing-cold-ass morning to plow through a quick book about the entire Civil War? Nevertheless, it […]