06 Jun 2014


Last week I was thinking wistfully about all the books in my apartment that I never seem to have time to read. Books I’ve checked out and renewed a zillion times. Books on my Required Reading pile. Those darn delightful BEA galleys. I write from time to time about those months when I don’t want to read much and nothing pleases me, but there’s also THIS kind of month when I just want to read and read and read and just do nothing other than read. Maybe I just need a reading vacation, I thought. Or maybe just a weekend. Hey, what about that Reading Marathon Thingy that everyone was doing at some point when I was too busy with school to commit? What is that called again?

Well, googling Reading Marathon Weekend Thing Books Blog isn’t really helpful whatsoever. I gave up. Thank goodness Bookshelves of Doom shared a link, because, lo and behold, MotherReader’s 48-Hour Book Challenge is happening this very weekend! And I am going to participate!

I need my Sunday to A) write a slew of book reviews and B) restore my life to order for the coming week, so I started my 48-hours bright and early this morning. Before work and during my commute, I’ve already clocked 52 minutes of regular reading (Game of Thrones and Like No Other)  and an hour-fifteen on a new audiobook (When I Was the Greatest). Not too shabby. I’ll be squeezing in some audio when I can today, then devoting myself more fully to old-fashioned reading tonight and tomorrow. I feel as though I will be very happy to make it to 12 hours, if I even make it to 12 hours at all, but hey, the fun is in the striving, right? Right. Alright, I gotta go. Books. They are a’calling. See you in 48!


  1. Amanda wrote:

    I wish I had known about this sooner – I’m in the mood for a reading marathon but can’t swing it this weekend. Have fun!

    Posted on 6.6.14 · Reply to comment
  2. Hope you manage to get organized and get in a lot of reading. The fun is definitely in the striving! Well, and in demanding (once a year) that dinner magically appear on the table! Hope you have some great titles on hand.

    Posted on 6.6.14 · Reply to comment
  3. Mary wrote:

    Glad you’re participating this year – I love this challenge!

    Posted on 6.7.14 · Reply to comment
  4. Glad the stars aligned with your book pile and the 48 Hour Book Challenge! Thanks for playing!

    Posted on 6.7.14 · Reply to comment
  5. Katy K. wrote:

    I hope your reading is going well! Last year was my first try, and I barely made it to 12 hours. I’m probably going to do only slightly better this time, but it’s still a lot of fun – I hope you’re enjoying it as well!

    Posted on 6.7.14 · Reply to comment

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