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Archive of posts filed under the book awards category.

Alex Awards, 2013

I think this wraps up my gaggle of ALA awards posts for the season… I could keep going and talk about them all, of course, but limits are a good thing. I have been enjoying looking back at last years winners and seeing which books I read, which ones are still on my radar. From […]

Caldecott Awards, 2013

Award This Is Not My Hat by Jon Klassen Jon Klassen is a very clever fellow and a talented artist with style that is quite en vogue – spare white backgrounds, simple figures and color schemes, etc. I personally liked the art/aesthetic in I Want My Hat Back better, but I think that’s just because […]

Michael L. Printz Awards, 2013

Awards!! Yay!! What better a way to spend an hour on Monday morning than tuning into the livecast? Last year, I was commuting during the announcements, but this year I saved some special, boring data-related work tasks to do while I watched, and then BAM it was lunch – morning well spent. Congrats to Rachel […]

William C. Morris Award, 2013

Did you know that this weekend is the ALA Midwinter Conference? And that on the last morning of the conference, at the crack of dawn, all of the ALA Youth Media Awards are announced? Are you suitably excited? I had the privilege of attending ALA Midwinter a few years ago. Those awards were announced so […]

Cybils YA/MG Nonfiction Shortlist

There was a strange day a few weeks ago, when I woke up in the morning and had the strangest thought: “Gee… I don’t have to read any nonfiction books today!” Almost three months of wild and crazy nonfiction reading, we whittled an extremely large amount of books – too many of which were just […]

Habibi by Craig Thompson

#1: Habibi by Craig Thompson I read Craig Thompson’s Blankets many, many years ago. I had never read a graphic novel before, didn’t really know that such a thing existed. Comics were about superheroes, were slim, made of crunchy paper as far as I was concerned. I was too busy falling in love to be […]

Life: An Exploded Diagram by Mal Peet

#2: Life: An Exploded Diagram by Mal Peet A few months after I read Life: An Exploding Diagram, I had the pleasure of hearing Mr. Peet make a small speech regarding his book. Without trying too hard to paraphrase, the gist of Mr. Peet’s message was that despite trying very hard to bore, perplex, or […]

This Is How You Lose Her by Junot Diaz

#4: This Is How You Lose Her by Junot Diaz I like book awards good and well, but some book awards I ignore because I assume that since a book has won that particular medal, I will not like this book. Pulitzer, Nobel, Booker, National Book  – awards that supposedly go to the cream of […]

Dinner: A Love Story by Jenny Rosenstrach

#5: Dinner: A Love Story by Jenny Rosenstrach I don’t have a tremendous amount of background in this particular breed of nonfiction, but is it just me or are we in the midst of some kind of literary-cookbook renaissance? A few years ago I checked out Alice Waters’s The Art of Simple Food looking for […]

The Fault in Our Stars by John Green

#6: The Fault in our Stars by John Green I know, I know: the least shocking addition to this list. The inclusion of John Green’s latest is probably only surprising to those who did not laugh at this article about 2012’s most overlooked books. Seriously – how can a book that got a full page […]