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Archive of posts filed under the weekly category.

2012: week forty-seven

November 28 – December 3 One of the reasons I decided to go into librarianship was the huge variety of tasks and skills most library positions require. I like to do different things every day. I like a good shake up, and this week, I got it. You see, we are getting a new Integrated […]

2012: week forty-six

November 18 – November 24 In the ongoing saga that is Jessica’s Mood, I have identified the following areas as areas for mood improvement: Procrastination Regarding Nagging, Annoying Tasks See: making phone calls, submitting forms, sending emails. Of course, I attempted to take care of some of these tasks two weeks ago in the heights […]

2012: week forty-four

November 4 – November 10 A sad week, a tired week, a grumpy week. Out of curiosity, I browsed through my weekly posts past. I conjectured that I would find the following pattern – 3 weeks good, 1 week bad. And that is exactly what I found. Oh, hormones. Also see: indoor allergies, rain upon […]

2012: week forty-three

October 28 – November 3 I have to say, in the absence of multiple jobs and assignments and school breaks, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for me to recall the activities on any given week. If I was being entirely straightforward in these weekly posts, they would all be a cut-and-paste version of the following: Wake […]

2012: week forty-two

October 21 – October 27 I finally got a new computer and my sister was so kind as to mail me a special, special package. Friends, after three years away, The Sims 3 is back in my life. All I did this week was create a family, accidentally raise 6 children from birth to adult […]

2012: week forty-one

October 7 – October 13 Today is Day 29 of my Whole30 challenge. For those of you living under rocks, who don’t click links, or who otherwise prefer me to explain things, Whole30 is an paleo-like elimination eating plan, meant to be followed for 30-60 days. Things you can eat: Meat of all sorts Vegetables […]

2012: week forty

September 30 – October 6 Every day this week, I came home from work and became inexplicably grumpy. Didn’t want to cook, didn’t want to clean, didn’t want to do anything except play Skyrim or hide in my room and read a book. It could be the diet. It’s been 22 days of Whole30 now, […]

2012: week thirty-nine

September 23 – September 29 The month has drawn to a close with this week, this week which I have taken to calling September – Week Four, as according to my latest and of course greatest daily-life-plan. Would you care to hear about my latest scheduling/life maintenance scheme? Of course you don’t. Maybe one day […]

2012: week thirty-eight

September 16 – September 22 On Monday, I started Whole30 off right by eating 5 eggs in one day. Is this healthy? I don’t know, but I’ve been eating at least 3, sometimes 5 or 6, every day for two or three years. I am still standing. However, I have also not been to the […]

2012: week thirty-six

September 2 – September 8 I wish I could say I spent all week unpacking, rearranging furniture, making trips to IKEA, and otherwise settling in to this new home. However, my horrible paint job has yet to be taken care of, so my furniture must remain a few feet from the wall and my boxes […]