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Archive of posts filed under the weekly category.

2012: week thirty-three

August 12 – August 18 I know we aren’t yet married, but the boy and I have been dating for almost 9 years and have been living together for 3. Plenty long enough to finally merge our music collections. 100 GB of pure love. As you can see from this screen cap, a large percentage […]

2012: week thirty-two

August 5 – August 11 Life is so much better, now that… I don’t have to work multiple jobs. I don’t have to job search on top of working multiple jobs. I signed a lease for an apartment for September. I am home every night to cook dinner. I work in the same place where […]

2012: week thirty-one

July 29 – August 4 From a distance, my past week (month, year) must seem chock full of adult-ness and taking-care-of-business. I went to the RMV (again, please don’t ask), filled out HR paperwork, sent important emails, wrote large checks for apartments, and did all of my laundry. All of it! However, all is not […]

2012: week thirty

July 22 – July 28 On Monday, we drove across the state of Michigan, got a haircut, met the Pastor who will officiate our wedding, had dinner & wine with my best friend/co-maid of honor and her rollicking family, and then came home and played The Hat Game with my own rollicking family. On Tuesday, […]

2012: week twenty-nine

July 15 – July 21 Let’s see how much wedding planning we can do in seven days! We can look at ceremony venues and reception venues and talk about MONEY and FOOD and a GUEST LIST and oh yes, try on dresses! Question for all the successfully married or soon-to-be-married ladies: so, this mysterious, magical […]

2012: week twenty-eight

July 8 – July 14 After six months of writing these silly little monthly posts, I can see patterns in my life that I didn’t really know existed. First of all, apparently I am no longer quite the homebody I’ve always known myself to be. Some weeks, this means that I was far, far too […]

2012: week twenty-seven

July 1 – July 7 I would say this was a “roll with the punches” kind of week, but I don’t know how much rolling I did. It was more like a “get punched in the stomach” week. Nothing job-related, this time, but everything else was not going so well this week… which was kind […]

2012: week twenty-six

June 24 – June 30 This week, I struggled a lot with this whole “self motivation” thing. My life no longer has a lot of those helpful supports that enable productivity – jobs where I sit in front of a computer, regularly scheduled work shifts, time by myself at home. But life is life, and […]

2012: week twenty-five

June 17 – June 23 I am really into beverages. I think most daily activities deserve an proper drink to accompany. Besides those grocery trips in college, where I would walk in with 50 dollars and walk out with 2 Lean Cuisines and soy milk, lemonade, hard cider, bottled water, and  three varieties of juice, […]

2012: week twenty-four

June 10 – June 14 Last week was 50% working nights and 50% ChLA. Met the lovely Jess Ferro (and again, at random, today, when I was yet again Working Nights). Brief assessment of life post-grad school – I am still just as busy as I was before, during the workday, but I don’t make […]