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his life with books – best of 2013

I’ve mentioned that The Boy has been upping his reading game in recent years. In 2012 he read 25 books, then 30 in 2013, and this year he’s hoping for 35. Since he is a normal human and not a librarian or even a particularly book-ish person, he reads much differently than I do. Lots […]

love letter 2014

My Dearest Boy, Well, we made it to ten years. Forgive me for lacking a sense of romance… but ten years just does not feel particularly remarkable. I mean, it is, of course. Ten years! A decade! I remember turning ten, feeling special pride in reaching double digits, that nice round number – 10. I […]

when nerds fall in love

  Setting: Neighborhood grocery store, shopping for random food items, talking about dinners.   Me:        … and I forgot that you ate all the onions, so I couldn’t put the taco soup in the crock pot. And that’s why we need to buy something for dinner. Or at least onions.   The Boy:        Hey, you […]

seven things about venice before i forget them

I did not want to go to Venice. Nope. I barely wanted to go to Rome, or to Europe. Then again, after a year of preparation and looming dread, I didn’t particularly want to get married. I mean, I wanted to BE married, I just didn’t want to GET married. This also sums up my […]

seven things about rome, before i forget them

  International travel was about as stressful as I imagined it would be, although I admit the stress was entirely me-related and not travel-related. There was airport confusion, haggling with cabbies, disorderly airport shuttles, and a missed train, but the anxiety surrounding potential problems was far greater than the actual experience. We made it through […]

seven things about my wedding, before i forget them

Arriving in Michigan four days ahead of the wedding with four days worth of to-dos and be-here-thens, it becomes quickly evident that the priority is not finalizing a seating chart, not writing those vows, not taking deep consideration of the major life event ahead. No. All that can wait because first, we must fix my […]

i am getting married

See y’all when I am a Mrs.!

only death will part

This week in impossible/stressful/ridiculous wedding tasks, we plan our ceremony. Which will happen in…. oh…. two months. Two. Months. Scene: The Boy and Me looking over possible wedding ceremonies provided by our lifesaving officiant The Boy:                Do you want to do our wedding vows like a duet? Me:                        What in the world are you […]

Love Letter 2013

Love, Nine years ago, you were eighteen-years-old and I was eighteen-years-old and we were two eighteen-year-olds doing what eighteen-year-olds do: getting into trouble, trying to pass our classes, and staying up until ungodly hours of the morning on AOL instant messenger. When we met, I was having a wild ride of a first semester. The […]

Christmas 2012

This is the only picture I have from this Christmas; apparently my camera decided to eat them all. No matter, this picture is more than adequate to capture the spirit of the day. We hung around in our PJs. We dressed ourselves in our new Christmas finery as we unpacked (see: a purple scarf from […]