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2012: week thirty-three

August 12 – August 18 I know we aren’t yet married, but the boy and I have been dating for almost 9 years and have been living together for 3. Plenty long enough to finally merge our music collections. 100 GB of pure love. As you can see from this screen cap, a large percentage […]

marriage 101

Earlier this year, I read Marriage Rules by Harriet Lerner. Although I was not married, and not even engaged, I was riveted. Smart, practical advice for folks in normal-ish, long-term relationships who aren’t having any major crises but are also interested in maintaining functional communication in their household? Yes, please. This book doesn’t hold any […]

2012: week twenty-nine

July 15 – July 21 Let’s see how much wedding planning we can do in seven days! We can look at ceremony venues and reception venues and talk about MONEY and FOOD and a GUEST LIST and oh yes, try on dresses! Question for all the successfully married or soon-to-be-married ladies: so, this mysterious, magical […]

his life with books

While we were killing time before Moonrise Kingdom, the boy and I poked around the Brookline Booksmith for a spell. I spotted a book I though he’d like on the clearance remainder table. I brought it over and he said: Gah! I saw this. I really, really want it. But I have too many books […]

2012: week seventeen

April 22 – April 28 This life of mine is a teetering balancing act, right now. I keep adding things on top of the stack, carefully, but I have to be absolutely steady. Unwavering. If I think about failure too much, I start to get panicky and then I don’t perform and then I get […]

this boy i love

A few weekends ago, I had the chance to attend a friend’s wedding shower. It was a pretty formal affair, thrown by her mother-in-law and full of the local cousins and aunts from his side of the family. Lots of skirts and lipstick, a plated lunch, and more booze than I typically drink while the […]

2012: week eight

February 19 – February 25 The nice thing about being hopelessly busy is that you are forced into a groove. I like being in a groove. While I wish my current groove allowed more time for things like creative cooking, long phone calls home, being social, or laying about and reading delicious books, I am […]

Love Letter 2012

Dear Lance, One Two Three Four Five Six Seven Eight Thanks for eight great years, my love. Seems like a long time, but I think we’re still lookin’ good. Happy anniversary! Yours and yours and yours, Jessica  

crazy and crazy

Coming closer to a year living in Boston, a year post-move, and I am feeling waves of urgency pulling me here to write some things about it, about my life now, about my life before, about this crazy, crazy year of my life. But then I can’t decide what to write. For now, a poorly […]