09 May 2013

only death will part

This week in impossible/stressful/ridiculous wedding tasks, we plan our ceremony.

Which will happen in…. oh…. two months.

Two. Months.

Scene: The Boy and Me looking over possible wedding ceremonies provided by our lifesaving officiant

The Boy:                Do you want to do our wedding vows like a duet?

Me:                        What in the world are you talking about?

The Boy:                Like this

[He shows me a supposedly contemporary exchange of vows in which the imaginary paper couple appear to read a very long, very drippy poem, alternating stanzas between bride and groom]

Me:                      I would prefer the phrases “you crept toward me” and “dandelion fluff” to not be included in my wedding.

The Boy:               Alright then.

Me:                      In fact, the only way I will exchange vows with you in a duet form is if we sing them. Like West Side Story.

The Boy:               What in the world are you talking about?


And that is when I realized that everything I know about romance, I probably learned from musical theater.


  1. Anné wrote:

    LOVE THIS!!! I just laughed out loud at work (about the dandelion fluff comment) and then said to myself, yep, me too. 🙂

    And I just love WSS.

    Posted on 5.9.13 · Reply to comment
  2. The rule of every ceremony is “the shorter and simpler the better”. Unless uou want to provide entertainment for your elderly relatives for years to come. Singing is to be avoided at all costs, unless by trained professionals.

    Posted on 5.9.13 · Reply to comment

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