26 Oct 2013

when nerds fall in love


Setting: Neighborhood grocery store, shopping for random food items, talking about dinners.


Me:        … and I forgot that you ate all the onions, so I couldn’t put the taco soup in the crock pot. And that’s why we need to buy something for dinner. Or at least onions.


The Boy:        Hey, you know what we should make in our crockpot?


Me:        What?


The Boy:        Mulled wine. We should make a big batch of spiced mulled wine and have everyone over for a winter party.


Me:       Oh. Ah. Hmm….


The Boy:         Yeah, spiced  red wine. With nutmeg. And cinnamon.


Me:        I think we can probably do that.


The Boy:       And chopped up apple.


Me:        Alright. But that’s all I’m promising, just nutmeg, cinnamon and apple. If we just throw everything we want in there without following a recipe it will end up gross.


The Boy:        Yeah. No squeeze of lemon.


Me:      What?


The Boy:        That’s how Captain Mormont likes it. No lemon. He’s very particular about his spiced wine.


Me:      What are you talking about. Oh. Wait. You are suggesting we throw a party specifically for the purpose of recreating a recipe for a drink that a supporting character in Game of Thrones prefers?


The Boy:       Yes.


Me:        I think we can do that. I mean, winter *is* coming.


Semi-spoiler laden bonus scene:

Me:       … so would we really just be throwing a Game of Thrones theme party then?

The Boy:       I guess so. What do you do for that?

Me:        Wait till everyone shows up, lock all the doors and have someone start playing The Rains of Castamere on the violin and freak all of your friends the fuck out.


  1. Elena wrote:

    I love you two.

    Posted on 10.27.13 · Reply to comment
  2. M. wrote:

    I laughed so hard reading this. At 2.45 a.m. Definitely woke someone up.

    Posted on 10.28.13 · Reply to comment

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