06 Aug 2012

2012: week thirty-one

July 29 – August 4

From a distance, my past week (month, year) must seem chock full of adult-ness and taking-care-of-business. I went to the RMV (again, please don’t ask), filled out HR paperwork, sent important emails, wrote large checks for apartments, and did all of my laundry. All of it!

However, all is not mature here in this maison; I’ve been sleeping in like my life depends on it, like I’ve entered a short-term coma each morning between 7 and 10, like I’m 16 (or 22, whatever) and it’s summer vacation.

It’s been balmy here in my third story apartment – hot in the morning, hotter in the afternoon, hot at night – so I give the heat some of the credit. It’s hard to get the motivation to leave a good dream when you’re other option involves being alert for your feverish sweating.

But then this morning, I realized I hadn’t set an alarm since I came back to Boston. Yes. That would do it.

Summer vacation is over, however – new job begins today, with a properly set alarm. Reality awaits!




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