13 Aug 2012

2012: week thirty-two

August 5 – August 11

Life is so much better, now that…

  1. I don’t have to work multiple jobs.
  2. I don’t have to job search on top of working multiple jobs.
  3. I signed a lease for an apartment for September.
  4. I am home every night to cook dinner.
  5. I work in the same place where I pick up my library holds.

This past week was about feeling out my schedule, enjoying the fruits of my labor, and building some good habits. Like this one – putting away your clean laundry! AND THEN, while you put away your laundry, put together five outfits to wear and then hang them on individual hangers, so you don’t have to waste time looking for that one particular tank top that you like to wear under that shirt and where are my pants and why are they wrinkled?

This should not be a huge revelation, I realize. I am an adult, I swear. I bought a vacuum today, dammit!

I do miss my two housemates just a little, though. What are they doing all day while I am a working stiff? Cuddling? Playing Skyrim? Vacuuming? The possibilities are endless… they are usually ready to hang out when I get home, though, so I suppose all is well.




  • More LOST! We’ve finally reached the episodes I haven’t seen yet! And boy, are they weird…
  • A little bit of Louie… which is pretty funny, and a good show to pack to.


  • I am finally back at work, so I can resume my podcasting ways. So much Marc Maron this week! I have also officially converted L into a WTF-onaut, so I get to listen to some shows in the car, too. Love it.
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