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The BEA 2014 Experience

Last week, I had the good fortune to attend Book Expo America. It was my first time! I’ve been to ALA conferences more than once, so I fancied myself quite the conference expert. Oh boy was I wrong. BEA was an entirely different beast, in good ways and not so good ones. I’m a bookish […]

to ALA or not to ALA

This is a post for all the librarians out there… you know who you are. Because you have appropriate degrees and job titles and are otherwise confident in your librarianship. I can’t decide if I should join ALA and attend this year’s Annual Conference or not, and I need your advice. Here’s the sitch: I […]

2012: week forty-seven

November 28 – December 3 One of the reasons I decided to go into librarianship was the huge variety of tasks and skills most library positions require. I like to do different things every day. I like a good shake up, and this week, I got it. You see, we are getting a new Integrated […]

notes from the job hunt, vol. 4 – the end

Between March and July, I applied for 43 jobs. I applied for part-time and full-time positions, children’s librarian positions, teen librarian positions, school librarian positions, and academic librarian positions. I applied for editorial assistant positions, academic advising positions, and administrative assistant positions. I applied for jobs in Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Jersey, New York, Chicago and […]


First week of New Job is drawing to a close, and I am so far pleased with the results. It definitely feels excellent to go to One Job in One Location that does not involve an Hour Long Bus Ride Across the River and allows me an entire hour for lunch and a professional wage. […]

the real live librarian

I’ve been sitting on this news for a few weeks because it just hasn’t felt real. It hasn’t felt possible that after a 2012 that was made of constant ups and downs, after three years of ridiculous schedules and harrowing schoolwork and jumping without a parachute across the country that yes, yes, things would just […]

nerds only post

My current favorite Fictional-Pop-Culture-Librarian: this looker, Urag gro-Shub. First of all, he is an orc. Second of all, he is often found spouting such badassery as I don’t care if you are the arch-mage of the college, don’t you think about touching my books. In related news, the boy took apart our broken, borrowed Xbox, […]

notes from the job hunt, vol. 3

It is July. I have applied for 43 jobs. Since March, have been considered for 10 positions. I am no longer being considered for 4 positions. Two decided on other candidates and one had last minute budget challenges and was not able to fill the position at all. I am still in the running for […]

the aftermath of book bankruptcy

Sad thing that happens to me once in awhile: 1. I check out books from the public library. I check out more books. I check out more books. I put more books on hold, I check out more books. 2. I get busy and forget to log onto my account to renew the books I […]

notes from the job hunt, vol 2

Ladies and gentlemen in seek of library jobs? Heed my advice: Get Thee a Smartphone. First, the surface benefits. A Fancy Internet Phone is fun and shiny, yes, but when you are deep in the job search, having ready access to email can be handy, especially if you are working part-time jobs that do not […]