20 Jun 2012

the aftermath of book bankruptcy

Sad thing that happens to me once in awhile:

1. I check out books from the public library. I check out more books. I check out more books. I put more books on hold, I check out more books.

2. I get busy and forget to log onto my account to renew the books I want to keep.

3. All of my books go overdue at once, and then I can’t renew any of the others. Soon, every book I have is overdue.

4. I then have to bring them all back at once and pay a lot of fines.

I call it declaring book bankruptcy because I really have to just bring back EVERYTHING. No more library books in my apartment. All, gone.

Today I did #4, shamefully. I returned, I paid up, and my holds were released to me.

And although I was a little sad to say goodbye to my oversized collection of unreads and half-reads… my little hold shelf was about the best stack of books that I could have come home with.

Seven books, all of which I literally want to pick up immediately. I want to open them all up, line them on the floor, and walk by, reading one page after another after another.

What a nice little stack.


  1. Jess wrote:

    This sounds familiar… I think I’m going to try that some time haha, lining my books up on the floor and go from one to another reading one page from each 🙂 I wonder how that would work? I thought The Night Circus was really, really good; hope you enjoy that! I’ll be interested to hear about Are You My Mother? I’ve seen it everywhere but haven’t gotten it from the library yet.

    Posted on 6.21.12 · Reply to comment

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