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2013 I was only sick once. I kept an extra t-shirt and a pair of socks in my desk at work. Like an actual grown up. I flew on eighteen different airplanes. Apologies, atmosphere. You may be pleased to hear, though, that I did not own a car for one single day in 2013. I […]

what’s working with writing

I’m pretty sure writer’s block is not a thing, but anxiety definitely is. Thought-consuming, brain-addling creative anxiety. My Bad Brain. In Bird by Bird, Anne Lamott calls it KFKD, the radio station blasting in your ear reminding you how awful you are. I get that, yes I do, but I think my own breed of […]

we keep asking where we are going

My Boston friends –  those dear grad school survivors, adjunct professors, teachers, librarians, writers, readers. All talkers, drinkers, dreamers, and laughers.  We get together regularly but with enough time passing between visits to warrant a proper life update. How’s your semester, how’s your classroom, how’s your new job, how’s your novel. What are you up […]

working for the weekend

I’ve been living in Boston for more than four years now. Unbelievable, but true. Four years is a long time. Longer than I lived in my college town. Definitely longer than we planned on staying here. Four years is long enough to forget you are living in a city, but also render the suburbs a […]

on not writing

I used to write fiction. I mean, I used to write pretty bad fiction, but it was fiction nonetheless. You know, imaginary people doing imaginary things. I haven’t written anything significant in a few years. Probably more than a few years. I could give you all the reasons why I stopped, what led me to […]


Life is crazy, crazy, crazy right now, but it’s time to fess up: I am the luckiest girl. I have a job that I adore. It’s Sunday night, and I’m not dreading Monday morning. Even though I’m busier than busy, I remain indifferent about Monday mornings. That’s nice. Nicer than nice. I have a fantabulous […]

thoughts on a blog: the ten year edition

  This morning, I read Evan Roskos’s Dr. Bird’s Advice for Sad Poets, which, appropriately, had me thinking about Walt Whitman. Look guys, my relationship with literature is a bit fraught. I have read parts of Leaves of Grass over the years, but they didn’t sink into my psyche or anything. They’ve sunk into the […]

where i’ve been / where i’m going

This week, a year ago, I was finishing up my last grad school classes. I was also working 700 jobs and applying for 1,400 more and staring down a summer that could end in triumph, disaster, cross-country move, or complete mental collapse. But this is all a way to say that although I am still […]


Have I mentioned that I can’t ever remember how old I am? I can’t. When there comes a time that I need to think of how old I am, I panic a little because I can’t remember if I’m the age I think I am, or the age I’m going to be. If he’s around, […]

time is on your side

If I had to make a list of the things I have spent the most hours of my life worrying, stressing, and fretting over, I think time would be the hands down, number-one, top of the list. I worry about being late. I worry about being early. I worry about not having enough time to […]