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The Summer Prince by Alaya Dawn Johnson

I crawled out of my anti-dystopia hole to read Alaya Dawn Johnson’s The Summer Prince. It was long-listed for the National Book Awards, so my modest hope was that I would not loathe it completely just because of its dystopiosity. And I did not loathe it at all! In fact, I enjoyed it. June is […]

reading wishlist: fantasy catch-up

My name is Jessica, I’m twenty-eight-years-old, and I am a fantasy reader. There, I said it. This is not, however, a post about my Fall from Grace Realism. This is a post about what one should read when “discovering” fantasy as a full-fledged adult… albeit a full-fledged adult who considers YA and children’s literature fair […]

when nerds fall in love

  Setting: Neighborhood grocery store, shopping for random food items, talking about dinners.   Me:        … and I forgot that you ate all the onions, so I couldn’t put the taco soup in the crock pot. And that’s why we need to buy something for dinner. Or at least onions.   The Boy:        Hey, you […]

10 (audiobooks) under 10 (discs)

Audiobooks, audiobooks, audiobooks. You are getting bored already. But I can’t shut up. I can’t be stopped. Allow me one more attempt to try to win you all over to the Way of the Audiobook. If you’ve tried audio before and had a discouraging experience, I have two suggestions for you. Suggestion #1: If you […]

when life hands you kittens…

I am having trouble getting posts up here in a timely fashion. This has nothing to do with what I’ve been reading or what I’ve been feeling – my usual excuses for radio silence – and everything to do with time management troubles. Apartment-life-management troubles. Life management troubles. Trouble is the wrong word, perhaps. I […]

we keep asking where we are going

My Boston friends –  those dear grad school survivors, adjunct professors, teachers, librarians, writers, readers. All talkers, drinkers, dreamers, and laughers.  We get together regularly but with enough time passing between visits to warrant a proper life update. How’s your semester, how’s your classroom, how’s your new job, how’s your novel. What are you up […]

flora belle and hazel grace

This week I was reading two books at once. As I am wont to do. I was actually reading like, five books at once, but the two books I’d like to mention are Kate DiCamillo’s Flora & Ulysses and John Green’s The Fault in Our Stars. Flora & Ulysses is Kate DiCamillo’s latest middle grade […]

Far Far Away by Tom McNeal

Once upon a time, in a town far, far away… Alright, never mind. Far Far Away is too weird for me to be too weird about it. Our protagonist, Jeremy, is a normal, good natured boy. He has an absent mother and a troubled but caring father. Money is nonexistent and it’s up to Jeremy […]

life on overdrive

Many, many moons ago, my mother recommended that I check out the public library’s new downloadable media service. “You can download audiobooks right to your computer,” she said. “But maybe not with iPods. Unless you download them and then burn them to a CD and then I don’t know, that’s what somebody told me. But […]

Printz 2014 Contenders

Awards season! Awards season! Yay! Rah! Someday My Printz Will Come is back up and running and they’ve posted their Long List of titles they have deemed contenders for the Big Prize in January. I’m not sure what to make of this year’s YA crop. Last year there were some favorites, but the winner – […]