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10 (audiobooks) under 10 (discs), part 2

It has been over a year since my last 10 under 10 post! Time: it flies. I have listened to many an audiobook since last October. I was going to tally them up just now and tell you just how many, but I am afraid I just can’t bring myself to do it – there […]

what to listen to next – the desperate freak edition

It’s been just over a year since I resumed my semi-romantic dalliance with audiobooks. It’s really been a good year. I like having an audiobook to walk around with, to entertain me during long days of battling online databases and catalogs at work, to help me through my household chores, to put me to sleep […]

the last five memoirs

I have a reading success story for you guys. After a few years of succumbing to August Reading Doldrums, I think I have finally discovered the secret. I finally reached far enough down into the depths of my psyche and found the inner fortitude, perseverance, and stick-to-it-iveness I needed to keep reading all through the […]

what to listen to next

I am entering yet another season of required reading – my to-be-read queue of real-live-print books is stacked high and will remain so for a few months. My fun-reading will be reserved for the humble audiobook. Not complaining. I have a deep and well-documented love of audiobooks. But I will admit… now that season four […]

10 (audiobooks) under 10 (discs)

Audiobooks, audiobooks, audiobooks. You are getting bored already. But I can’t shut up. I can’t be stopped. Allow me one more attempt to try to win you all over to the Way of the Audiobook. If you’ve tried audio before and had a discouraging experience, I have two suggestions for you. Suggestion #1: If you […]

life on overdrive

Many, many moons ago, my mother recommended that I check out the public library’s new downloadable media service. “You can download audiobooks right to your computer,” she said. “But maybe not with iPods. Unless you download them and then burn them to a CD and then I don’t know, that’s what somebody told me. But […]

what to listen to next

Earlier this week I told The Boy a few revealing stories about my childhood; some tales of my early childhood nerd-hood that I was sure I’d told him at some point in the past 9.75 years but apparently not. One such story was The Tale of Child Jessica and her Lifelong Audiobook Habit. This is […]