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2012: week twenty-one

May 20 – May 26 I do not much remember what happened on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday, because on Friday, my favorite roommate returned to Boston for a long weekend. Since leaving, she has become A FULL-FLEDGED, CARD-CARRYING CHILDREN’S LIBRARIAN, so we had a lot to talk about. And a lot of food to […]

Summer Reading List 2012

I think a summer reading list, by nature, has to include at least two kinds of books: books you want to indulge in books you’ve been drooling over books you know you’ll love books you can dive into and swim around inside and books you think you should read but don’t really want to. it’s […]

Second Chance Summer by Morgan Matson

Can a book fall short of your expectations but also completely satisfy? I think I have a tendency to love or loathe books (and I don’t read a lot of books I loathe, so mostly, I collect books I love), but I think there is a lot more gray than I’d often like to admit. […]

notes from the job hunt, vol 1

I. The Numbers I have been applying for jobs for nearly three months now. In that time, I have applied for thirty positions. Out of thirty, I have received… One Skype interview One phone interview One follow-up phone call One job offer (my new part-time job) Four rejections The remaining 23 jobs are, supposedly, still […]

2012: week twenty

May 13 – May 19 Aside from being completely ridiculous, busy, and full of joy/nostalgia/desserts, last week was a bit of a symbolic break. 2012 Phase 1: Work 40-50 hours/week while taking class 2012 Phase 2 Work 20-30? hours/week while scrambling to find health insurance, an apartment, and solvency before September 1.   Last week […]


My family is the bomb. My sister flew in on Wednesday to see where/how I live – her first solo flight, first trip to Boston. My aunt and cousin came in on Wednesday as well, to sight-see and eat every strange Boston-based-concoction known to man. On Thursday, my mother and father and other two sisters, […]


Taking a few days off from blogging so I can graduate. Finding a suitable reservation for 12 people on a Friday night during graduation season in a major metropolis is proving stressful. I need a little time to my self. Here’s hoping that all my graduation pictures look like the previous pic and not like […]

Someone Like You by Sarah Dessen

Some time ago, I resolved to re-read the oeuvre of Sarah Dessen in order of publication. My reading notions proved – as they usually do – a bit ambitious. I did not read any older Dessen titles that year, and in 2011 I only managed two out of ten. The two I did read –  […]

2012: week nineteen

May 6 – May 12 I am having trouble acknowledging that my regular-grad-school-life is coming to a close. Maybe because my schedule has me a bit distracted from the rhythm of academic life. More than once this has bitten me in the butt at work, lately. “Oh, you need your course evaluation packet? In 10 […]


Dear Mommy, I miss you. I have been thinking about you lately, because I am curious to know what your Myers-Briggs personality type is. If you don’t know, you can take the test here. If you want to. I understand you are very busy being awesome. Case in point, I was randomly surfing the internet […]