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happy hunger games

Happy Halloween! I still hate you, Halloween, as a holiday, but let’s raise a pumpkin-flavored drink to… Costumes that are free Costumes that can be thrown together in a few hours or less Costumes that ultimately consist of me wearing my black workout clothes with my favorite boots on top Costumes that are children’s lit-based […]

2012: week forty-two

October 21 – October 27 I finally got a new computer and my sister was so kind as to mail me a special, special package. Friends, after three years away, The Sims 3 is back in my life. All I did this week was create a family, accidentally raise 6 children from birth to adult […]

links i love

The Anxious Idiot I am someone who suffers from a lot of free-floating anxiety. Maybe I’m diagnosable, maybe I’m not, but in order not to curl up into a ball and die, I sometimes have to focus really intently on separating feelings of anxiety from my intellectual knowledge of what those feelings are and how […]

Meltdown!, Black Gold, and Charles Dickens

We may have reached the point where I am not allowed to read anything other than middle grade and young adult nonfiction. This is unfortunate when you are 75 pages into Raven Boys and your hold on Happier at Home just came in, but alas, alack. Here is a random assortment of the true stuff […]

Penelope by Rebecca Harrington

This is a review in two parts. Part #1 – Satire I think I alluded to being a comedy sophisticate earlier this week. That was probably a lie. I probably just like the comedy I like and the comedy I don’t understand, I poo-poo. Tim and Eric, for example – supposedly quite funny according to […]

nice girls manifesto

“I realized that at this particular time in my life, I was friends with everybody. I’ll admit that seventh grade was only one day old, but suddenly I had this new goal: to go the whole year with everyone liking me.  I don’t mean be “most popular girl” or anything; I just wanted teachers to […]

reading wishlist: books for grown-ups

Not all the books I come across in my work duties are completely horrifying. Some of them are enticing. Aaaand most of them are for adults. What can I say? It seems that despite the circles I tend to run with, the general populace of Boston has yet to catch onto the kidlit bandwagon. We […]

2012: week forty-two

October 14 – October 20 Social Butterfly Jessica outdid herself this week. Sunday afternoon: Bowling Did I mention that  The Boy and I have joined a bowling league? Oh yes, we are that cool. For what it’s worth, we joined with some of our friends, and we had a Groupon. The league is six weeks […]

an oscar reading list

Two problems: Problem #1 – I have this deep, cosmic feeling that before I see a movie based on a book, I must do my best to read the book. This isn’t always a successful or useful endeavor. I end up speed-reading books in the parking lot of a movie theater (Coraline), I criticize the […]

home sweet home

I am a commuter with a bad shoulder and a secret desk drawer full of library books. I have to be choosy about what I take home and when, as to not over-encumber myself, aka trigger pain, whininess, and potential migraines. Last Friday, I had a full bag of Cybils nonfiction ready to take home […]