20 Sep 2012

2012 Cybils Awards

My desperate, nonsensical prayers that SOMEBODY JUST TELL ME WHAT TO READ ALREADY PLEASE… have been granted.

I am serving on Round #1 of the Middle Grade and YA Nonfiction committee for this year’s Cybils Awards! I am excited because nonfiction is my (not so) secret love. I am also excited because this is my first awards committee. Except for the awards committee of one that I conduct every December when for some reason deciding what the best books I’ve read all year becomes insanely important. I do not count this because this is not an awards committee, but the acts of a crazy person. I am also excited because I suspect that by January, I will be a genius, having read so much nonfiction and all. I will likely be able to beat you at Trivial Pursuit for the next 5 years.

Cheers to an exciting few months of reading!


  1. Janssen wrote:

    I am SO excited that you’re doing this!

    Posted on 9.23.12 · Reply to comment

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