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books i like to sell

While I look for a full-time gig, I have been working in an independent children’s book/toy/clothing store. I am receiving a crash course in the finer points of “retail” – you should really see me count change now, it’s a thing of wonder – but I am also thinking a little bit differently about books […]

2012: week twenty-five

June 17 – June 23 I am really into beverages. I think most daily activities deserve an proper drink to accompany. Besides those grocery trips in college, where I would walk in with 50 dollars and walk out with 2 Lean Cuisines and soy milk, lemonade, hard cider, bottled water, and  three varieties of juice, […]

his life with books

While we were killing time before Moonrise Kingdom, the boy and I poked around the Brookline Booksmith for a spell. I spotted a book I though he’d like on the clearance remainder table. I brought it over and he said: Gah! I saw this. I really, really want it. But I have too many books […]

get out of my chimney

Tonight, they boy and I went to the Coolidge Corner Theater to watch the new Wes Anderson movie. Don’t worry, we aren’t actually that twee. We were supposed to do something else fun, but then *somebody* slept in too late, and then *somebody else* got grumpy because we had about .2 oz of coffee in […]

the aftermath of book bankruptcy

Sad thing that happens to me once in awhile: 1. I check out books from the public library. I check out more books. I check out more books. I put more books on hold, I check out more books. 2. I get busy and forget to log onto my account to renew the books I […]

trendy footwear

In March, I got a job with a stricter dress code than I’ve been required to adhere to lately. And by that, I mean I can’t wear flip-flops. For a few months, my finances didn’t allow me to make any purchases above and beyond my daily coffee regimen, so I suffered through an On-Your-Feet job […]

2012: week twenty-four

June 10 – June 14 Last week was 50% working nights and 50% ChLA. Met the lovely Jess Ferro (and again, at random, today, when I was yet again Working Nights). Brief assessment of life post-grad school – I am still just as busy as I was before, during the workday, but I don’t make […]

Bringing up Bebe by Pamela Druckerman

You might think it strange that I, a young woman who is not married, not a mother, and not (I repeat, NOT) currently with child to read parenting books and articles and blogs with any sort of fervor. To me, this is not strange at all, because I also used to read my mother’s parenting […]

see ya at ChLA

One of the best things about living in Boston? You don’t have to travel to cool events – cool events come to you. I’ve been to two Boston Globe-Horn Book Award ceremonies, a BG-HB One Day Childrens’ Literature Colloquium, an ALA Midwinter Conference, a Simmons Children’s Literature Symposium, tons of author events at libraries and […]

Boston Globe-Horn Book Awards 2012

I feel like the Boston Globe-Horn Book Awards don’t get much play… and maybe I’m biased because A) I’ve been able to attend the awards ceremony for the past two years and B) I spent a semester hanging out in the Horn Book offices this past semester as an intern, but I LIKE the BGHB […]