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Beneath a Meth Moon by Jacqueline Woodson

In one of my first grad classes, we read every book written by a few different authors. We read them in order. This is actually a really fun way to read, especially authors that have a lot of books and are still writing. It gives you a unique perspective on each successive book. I had […]

birthday wish list

Friends, in twelve days I am celebrating a birthday. I am going to be quite old, let me tell you. Quite old, indeed. And while I have little desire to add more stuff to my life, if you, for some reason, are sitting at home and saying “Gosh, I sure want to send Jessica a […]

2012: week eight

February 19 – February 25 The nice thing about being hopelessly busy is that you are forced into a groove. I like being in a groove. While I wish my current groove allowed more time for things like creative cooking, long phone calls home, being social, or laying about and reading delicious books, I am […]

reading wishlist – february 2012

This semester, I’ve been hit pretty hard with a case of Book Fever. I want to read everything. I haven’t kept a To-Read list in years, but since January I’ve somehow come up with 45 titles I want to check out. It’s like my subconscious knows that in two short months, I will be able […]

Divergent by Veronica Roth

Once upon a time, I used to love dystopian fiction. But ever since The Hunger Games rolled into town, I haven’t been able to stomach many of them. THERE’S JUST TOO MANY! And, like the first bandwagon ever to be jumped upon, the longer the dystopian trend rolls on, the more really bad dystopias are […]

three things i learned today

1. Beverly Cleary is the oldest living Newbery Award winner. She is 95 years old. 2. Ned Vizzini has a new book coming out this year. It is sci-fi/fantasy-y… but I have been reading Mr. Vizzini since I read Teen Angst? Naaahh… in like, 1998 or something. His new book – The Other Normals, due […]

The State of the Semester

The first quarter of the semester is now over. Wait, correction. The first quarter OF MY LAST SEMESTER OF GRAD SCHOOL is now over. I am busier than belief. I mean, I thought last semester took the cake, but this semester, every week goes a little like this: Sunday – Monday – Tuesday – Wednesday […]

2012: week seven

February 12 – February 18  Some weeks are just plain blurry. So, here are the stats: – 35 hours worked – 10 hours interned – 1 teen librarian interviewed – 1 paper turned in – 5 blog posts. (Woo!) – 8 Sudafeds consumed – 7.5 miles run – 1 full day of anxiety – 2 […]

William C. Morris Award, 2012

This is a new book award to pique my interest. In the past, actually, I’ve been skeptical of debut authors. I think I just have a bad case of JudgeABookByItsCover-itis, actually – whenever I buy a book by a new author, I usually make my purchase because I am blinded by the cover art and […]

Trafficked by Kim Purcell

There are books that you know are right up your alley, and they don’t disappoint. There are books that you love like you love your friends or your family and that you read once a year to make you happy. There are books that you are in awe of, but you will probably never pick […]