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fever pitch

On Sunday The Boy and I walked home from the train station feeling mutually lifeless. Drowsy. Spent. A fun-weekend-with-houseguests-and-friends hangover – happy feelings tempered by exhaustion, a looming dread related to the amount of dishes, laundry, and grocery shopping you haven’t been doing. Maybe a touch of an actual hangover? The topic of “alright what […]

a mighty weekend

FRIDAY Invented some questionable vanilla-cornmeal cupcakes with a lime buttercream frosting after work. Accidentally watched a hockey game at a friend’s place. I sure accidentally watch a lot of sports in this here romantic relationship. Forgot to bring invented cupcakes with me. Of course. SATURDAY Ate a cupcake for breakfast. Accidentally went to the Pride […]

my place

I had a post I wanted to write today, but I obviously can’t write it now because it’s just not happening. I live in Boston. I run. I am a person who lives in Boston and runs. And that tiny bit of Boston you saw looping on your news stations all day? That the bit […]

home is where the rodents live

Me: This is getting ridiculous… Him: I know. I had trouble crafting an adequate text message to [name of the Slum Lord to whom we sign away our rent money redacted]. How can you say, in a text message, that there hasn’t been a problem the whole time we’ve lived here, it’s just that for […]

look out, jackson-town

Tomorrow, I leave for Jackson. Isn’t it fun when there is a song that describes exactly what you are about to do with your life? Ask me about the time my sister and I took a train to Chicago and played Sufjan Stevens on our speakers, for the benefit of all of our fellow passengers. […]

blizzard of ’13

I moved to Boston in late 2009. Since then, some kind of apocalypse has been slowly afoot. In just over three years, we have seen and survived… An earthquake Some tornadoes Hurricane Irene Hurricane Sandy A flu epidemic A blizzard that has a name but I can’t express to you how much I hate that […]


In accordance with my self-imposed More Documenting credo, I have been filling three little notebooks with The Things That I Do. The red notebook is for books (because one list isn’t enough), the pink notebook is for meals (because I am in a perpetual state of Meal Planning Angst, unable to remember a single dish […]

Christmas 2012

This is the only picture I have from this Christmas; apparently my camera decided to eat them all. No matter, this picture is more than adequate to capture the spirit of the day. We hung around in our PJs. We dressed ourselves in our new Christmas finery as we unpacked (see: a purple scarf from […]


Getting from Boston to New York City is obscenely easy. It is also affordable. Of course, staying in New York City is the opposite of affordable, so we never want to go. However, we bit the bullet a few weekends ago and spent a night in Manhattan. I wish that I had a ton of […]

2012: week forty-five

November 11 – November 17 I am about done with this mood. The only thing I ever want to do is read pop-psychology and write in my orange notebook and feel feeeeelings. I am annoying myself. Can we talk about how there are only six weeks left in 2012? What a year, guys. Some days […]