11 Feb 2013

blizzard of ’13

I moved to Boston in late 2009. Since then, some kind of apocalypse has been slowly afoot.

In just over three years, we have seen and survived…

  • An earthquake
  • Some tornadoes
  • Hurricane Irene
  • Hurricane Sandy
  • A flu epidemic
  • A blizzard that has a name but I can’t express to you how much I hate that naming non-Hurricane storms is like a thing now

Snow doesn’t scare me. I’m from Michigan. Snow just irritates me. I respond to this irritation by ignoring it completely, like a kid who’s acting up.

Work closed for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, which is just ridiculously unheard of and should have been a tip-off that this snow would not be ignored.

I sent The Boy to the store for weekend provisions, but didn’t bother to give him a list, assuming that by Sunday we would be back to our regularly scheduled grocery shopping. He came back with 50 Types of Carbs, of course, so we ate through two bags of pita chips and a loaf of bread while the snow fell and fell and fell and fell…

Somebody in this apartment was a rockstar and went out yesterday for protein and vegetables and dish-washing liquid, and also shoveled the steps and the sidewalk so I didn’t have to wade through 2 ft of irritating snow trying to get to work this morning.

Somebody else in this apartment stayed entirely sedentary for the long weekend and therefore did an impressive amount of reading.

So what’s next, nature? Any volcanoes in New Hampshire that might erupt? A tsunami? Acid rain? If I move, will a black cloud of disaster follow me to my new location?

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