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home is where the rodents live

Me: This is getting ridiculous…

Him: I know. I had trouble crafting an adequate text message to [name of the Slum Lord to whom we sign away our rent money redacted]. How can you say, in a text message, that there hasn’t been a problem the whole time we’ve lived here, it’s just that for the last two weeks it’s been like, a freaking mouse circus in here.

Me: Um. You mean mouse circus like the upstairs neighbor from Coraline?

Him: Of COURSE! That is EXACTLY what I mean!


I’m just going to let y’all pretend like the mice in my apartment are as creepily hypnotizing as Mr. Bobo’s. Yes, yes, my place is just full of adorably jumping mice! It’s extra adorable when Peach catches them in her little mouth and carries them over to me to put on a little private jumping dance. Just darling. Pest control will be here on Tuesday; I will be so sorry to see them go.


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