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his life with books – best of 2013

I’ve mentioned that The Boy has been upping his reading game in recent years. In 2012 he read 25 books, then 30 in 2013, and this year he’s hoping for 35. Since he is a normal human and not a librarian or even a particularly book-ish person, he reads much differently than I do. Lots […]

reading wishlist: upcoming 2014 YA

So, idealistic, resolution-making Jessica, if you are going to read more 2014 titles this year, where shall you begin? Well, how about some new YA. You like YA, right? Right. This particular round-up is heavy on authors I already like. Ms. Lockhart and Ms. Perkins are the only two I would consider “insta-buys” at this […]

love letter 2014

My Dearest Boy, Well, we made it to ten years. Forgive me for lacking a sense of romance… but ten years just does not feel particularly remarkable. I mean, it is, of course. Ten years! A decade! I remember turning ten, feeling special pride in reaching double digits, that nice round number – 10. I […]

2014 reading non-resolutions

Yes, it is halfway through January and I am still talking about New Year’s resolutions. Bear with me, forgive me, shun me, scroll by me, close my tab, do whatever it is you need to do with me. As much as I enjoy reading about other people’s book-related New Year’s resolutions, I don’t like to […]

what to read next – january blues edition

So far in 2014, I am reading like this: Pick up a book, read two pages, put it down. Pick up a different book, read two pages, put it down. Put seventeen books on hold even though I have seventeen perfectly good books already checked out. Spend an entire 60 minutes browsing Overdrive and Goodreads […]

2013 in reading

Ladies and gentlemen, (do gentlemen read this blog?) I present to you… [Subtitle: Jessica has fun with spreadsheets] [could also be the subtitle to my life] Just when you thought 2013 was well behind us. I read 145 books in 2013. Goodreads only gave me credit for 140, but that’s because Goodreads doesn’t believe in […]


2013 I was only sick once. I kept an extra t-shirt and a pair of socks in my desk at work. Like an actual grown up. I flew on eighteen different airplanes. Apologies, atmosphere. You may be pleased to hear, though, that I did not own a car for one single day in 2013. I […]