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here’s something

I am moving. So, my apartment is full of so much crap and boxes I keep running into things and getting bruised. So, I have to bring half of my library books back without being read. So, I am crying and angry most of the time because moving sucks. I have moved eight times. The […]

to my sister dear

Dear C-Rollin, Happy Birthday! I hope you have a happy day and a good year at college. I will get you a present, but I am moving in like 3 days so I don’t know what it will be yet. Do you like books? Or t-shirts? Or both? I have these predictions for your 19th […]

2012: week thirty-four

August 19 – August 25 These weeks have been a bit of limbo – settling into a new routine, schedule, job, but also getting ready to disrupt said schedule and routine with a Move and a New Address. Things just won’t be until after September 1. In an absence of a permanent location and entirely […]

all the things

My apartment is half empty, half wrecked. Boxes everywhere, full, half-full, empty. I don’t know what to do with all these library books – these library books! Who packs up books that belong to a library and puts them into a U-Haul? Moving is a great excuse to start clean. New place, new mindset. But […]


Although the manic pixie dream girl is a fictional phenomenon usually found in film (see this helpful video), she is also often found frequenting the pages of the realistic YA novel. See: Sam in The Perks of Being a Wallflower, Dub in Rats Saw God, and of course, Alaska. Some people find this particular character […]

NetGalley: a tale of obsession

Dear Friends, How do you NOT download 10,000 galleys from NetGalley? I’ve been avoiding signing up for a number of reasons… apparently good ones. After two weeks, my eReader runneth over. Add this to the problem that is Visiting A Library Every Day Because I Work There and Checking Out Books Every Damn Day… I […]

books in the home

I almost didn’t pick up Deborah Needleman’s Perfectly Imperfect Home. First of all, I couldn’t navigate my own library’s nonfiction section well enough to find the home decorating books. But that is neither here nor there. I was also skeptical about a decorating book with no photographs. What is the point? Illustrations are lovely, but […]

2012: week thirty-three

August 12 – August 18 I know we aren’t yet married, but the boy and I have been dating for almost 9 years and have been living together for 3. Plenty long enough to finally merge our music collections. 100 GB of pure love. As you can see from this screen cap, a large percentage […]

Life: An Exploded Diagram by Mal Peet

Let me tell you this about my grad school experience… early in 2009, I was putting concerted effort into “reading widely across genres.” I gave myself 10 “slots” for books each month, and tried to fill in the first five with different genres – YA Fiction, Juvenile Nonfiction, Adult Fiction, etc. By April, I had […]

my brain on the internet: workflowy

So I just discovered the best website a few weeks ago and I need to share it with you, post haste. Y’all are list-makers, right? Organizers, note-takers, chart-makers… the whole lot of you. I can tell. I am always trying to find the best place to corral my tasks, my goals, and my random thoughts. […]