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2012: week seventeen

April 22 – April 28 This life of mine is a teetering balancing act, right now. I keep adding things on top of the stack, carefully, but I have to be absolutely steady. Unwavering. If I think about failure too much, I start to get panicky and then I don’t perform and then I get […]

comfort reading

I’ve had a rough couple of days, friends. But I also had a Barnes and Noble giftcard. Today, I spent my lunch break at the Harvard Coop, browsing for something guaranteed to make me slightly less morose. This is what I found:   Martha Stewart Weddings, because I am 27 years old and have never […]

ya-lit pro-tip #1

  Between Shades of Gray and Fifty Shades of Grey ENTIRELY DIFFERENT BOOKS. Please take care when adding books to your To-Read pile ordering these books for your library buying a present for your teenage niece or cousin attempting to learn more about Lithuanian history reading your Twitter feed where it seems acceptable to refer […]

i want my hat back…

I spend a few hours of the week in the company of some fairly nerdy college girls. They are also quite Internet-savvy, as nerdy college girls often are (I should know), so they are probably reading this. Hello, my nerdy friends! Anyway, they are often chatting away while I try to get some work done […]

2012: week sixteen

April 15 – April 22 This week, I… got a sunburn executed two work events made my first foray into the wide, wild world of Retail called my best friend, my sister, and my mother on the telephone had the pleasure of entertaining the future in-laws on Friday and Saturday only ran 2 miles rediscovered […]

a lesson learned writing

One thing I have learned this semester: Writing for publication = so very different than any writing I have done so far. I’ve been writing for a few professional blogs this semester and writing some book reviews for print publications. While I’m an old hat at writing for myself in this white blog box, I […]

a bad book joke

Q: What’s black and white and red all over? A: Every book in my apartment.

2012: week fifteen

April 8 – April 14 Busy? Super-busy? Crazy-busy? Manic? Completely insane? All of the above, this week. All of the above. My schedule has gone from pleasantly packed to over-stuffed and now we have landed at “I am embarrassed to tell people how much I am working.” So I won’t tell you. But it’s a […]

books i forgot to mention

The Scrapbook of Frankie Pratt by Caroline Preston is a fun way to spend an afternoon. I love stories about college girls who attended women’s schools in the 1950s (see: Mona Lisa Smile); this was a fun, visual indulgence in the era. Did you like Go Ask Alice? Do you want to read a book […]

happy marathon monday!

You guys, it’s almost Marathon Monday! Here are some lazy and non-lazy fun things to do to celebrate Boston’s Running Holiday: 1. Watch Spirit of the Marathon This is probably my favorite documentary, about four folks running the Chicago marathon. There is interesting information about the history of street racing and lots of that emotional […]