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my favorite nightstand

Usually when I visit Michigan I am relegated to the couch, but this time I bunked up with my favorite member of the Class of 2013. I’m not just saying that because she called me out in her valedictorian speech. I think she is my favorite because whenever I looked over to check the clock […]

thoughts on a blog: the ten year edition

  This morning, I read Evan Roskos’s Dr. Bird’s Advice for Sad Poets, which, appropriately, had me thinking about Walt Whitman. Look guys, my relationship with literature is a bit fraught. I have read parts of Leaves of Grass over the years, but they didn’t sink into my psyche or anything. They’ve sunk into the […]

wild riches

Remember when I said I wanted to read something shiny and fun on my plane trip next week? Well, that decision just got a little harder…. The following books have appeared on my hold-shelf in the past few days… 1) Her by Christa Parravani, which I already mentioned I might read on the plane… 2) […]

this book sucks and other adventures in bad literature

Book reviews have been light around these parts because I have been reading a lot of bad books. You don’t have to call them bad books if you don’t want to. You could call them “fun reading” or “trashy books.” You could call them “books that just weren’t for me.” If you are a librarian, […]


So I had this string of truly awful airplane luck, beginning in January of 2011 with this wild ride back to Boston and ending in June of that same year, when I spent 8 hours in the BWI airport only to have my flight cancelled at 9pm and end up stranded for the night. It […]

only death will part

This week in impossible/stressful/ridiculous wedding tasks, we plan our ceremony. Which will happen in…. oh…. two months. Two. Months. Scene: The Boy and Me looking over possible wedding ceremonies provided by our lifesaving officiant The Boy:                Do you want to do our wedding vows like a duet? Me:                        What in the world are you […]

where i’ve been / where i’m going

This week, a year ago, I was finishing up my last grad school classes. I was also working 700 jobs and applying for 1,400 more and staring down a summer that could end in triumph, disaster, cross-country move, or complete mental collapse. But this is all a way to say that although I am still […]

The Great Gatsby, 11 years later

I wonder how many people in the world are reading The Great Gatsby this week. I finished my re-read last week. It was the first time I’ve read it since I pretended to read it in eleventh grade English. I mean, I tried. I’m sure I tried. I liked books in high school, liked them […]