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new year’s resolutions: the overdue edition

When one announces one’s uh… ambitious New Year’s Resolutions on the internet, it is probably safe to assume that this person in question plans on keeping said resolutions, updating the public regularly, and generally following through, feeling good, and bragging about his or her improved quality of life and stick-to-it-iveness. I obviously posted once about […]

i read all these (nonfiction) books these weekend

Question: Did you do anything fun over this holiday weekend? Black Friday shopping? Sleeping in? Eating out? Visit a bar? Hang out with friends? Do anything cool enough to redeem the fact that you played a largely text-based computer game that doubled as a history lesson for far too much time, restarting and saving each […]

david macaulay and the eternal city

Each night, hundreds of exciting things are going on in my fair city, and even when I am expressly invited to partake in in one such activity, I usually weasel my way out of it. It’s cold/It’s far away/I am not feeling well/I had a long day/I am a insistently joyless human. Et cetera. However, […]

2012: week forty-six

November 18 – November 24 In the ongoing saga that is Jessica’s Mood, I have identified the following areas as areas for mood improvement: Procrastination Regarding Nagging, Annoying Tasks See: making phone calls, submitting forms, sending emails. Of course, I attempted to take care of some of these tasks two weeks ago in the heights […]

reading wishlist: i am out of time

I calculate my yearly reading quota from January 1st to December 31st; some years I am cramming books into that last week between Christmas and New Years, desperately trying to hit my arbitrary quota of 100. This year, I am done with weeks to spare – Ask Elizabeth was my glorious 100th book of 2012 […]

holiday gift guide 2012

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! I am blessed to have some dear friends to hang out with today, and am blessed to have a full-time job that requires me to work tomorrow. Seriously, though. This is the first year in the last five that I have a ready-made excuse NOT to go Black Friday shopping! SERIOUSLY, THOUGH […]

the holocaust, the civil rights movement, and first world problems

It is possible to be objective about a book, to judge literary quality based on established criteria, to separate the reader-self from the text on the page. However, it’s probably impossible to do all that 100%, and do it 100% of the time. A professional part of me says I should try my darndest to […]


Getting from Boston to New York City is obscenely easy. It is also affordable. Of course, staying in New York City is the opposite of affordable, so we never want to go. However, we bit the bullet a few weekends ago and spent a night in Manhattan. I wish that I had a ton of […]

2012: week forty-five

November 11 – November 17 I am about done with this mood. The only thing I ever want to do is read pop-psychology and write in my orange notebook and feel feeeeelings. I am annoying myself. Can we talk about how there are only six weeks left in 2012? What a year, guys. Some days […]

life as a normal human: hobbies

The things that you do when you are not working are called “hobbies.” I have probably blogged about this already, but sometime last semester I had a conversation with an undergraduate student about my ridiculous schedule, and she looked at me funny and asked, “Uh, what do you do for fun?” Blushing. An extended, “Ummm…” […]