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2012: week thirty

July 22 – July 28 On Monday, we drove across the state of Michigan, got a haircut, met the Pastor who will officiate our wedding, had dinner & wine with my best friend/co-maid of honor and her rollicking family, and then came home and played The Hat Game with my own rollicking family. On Tuesday, […]

nerds only post

My current favorite Fictional-Pop-Culture-Librarian: this looker, Urag gro-Shub. First of all, he is an orc. Second of all, he is often found spouting such badassery as I don’t care if you are the arch-mage of the college, don’t you think about touching my books. In related news, the boy took apart our broken, borrowed Xbox, […]

the true bostonians

This year, I have found myself feeling strangely sentimental about this city where I live. It’s been three years since I arrived, three years to adjust to city living, and although I am not sure I would call myself a fully converted urbanite, the idea of moving away felt sudden, felt not right. We decided […]

2012: week twenty-nine

July 15 – July 21 Let’s see how much wedding planning we can do in seven days! We can look at ceremony venues and reception venues and talk about MONEY and FOOD and a GUEST LIST and oh yes, try on dresses! Question for all the successfully married or soon-to-be-married ladies: so, this mysterious, magical […]

lessons from five-year-olds

Earlier this week, I was eating lunch with my youngest sister and entertaining myself by engaging her in conversations about whatever I found riveting in my mother’s latest issue of Publisher’s Weekly. After reading her the summaries of many ridiculous self-published books and forcing her to laugh with me, I chanced upon the Top 20 […]

what my family is reading

I am nosy, so I ask everyone what they are reading. Also, at my parents’ house, you are apt to spot people reading “in the wild” of the living room or bedroom, or books found dog-eared or bookmarked on the kitchen table or in purses. It is easy to be a snoop. My almost-17-year-old sister […]

2012: week twenty-eight

July 8 – July 14 After six months of writing these silly little monthly posts, I can see patterns in my life that I didn’t really know existed. First of all, apparently I am no longer quite the homebody I’ve always known myself to be. Some weeks, this means that I was far, far too […]

roadtrip reading

This is not a list of books featuring road trips. If that is what you are looking for, direct yourself to Stacked’s almost annoyingly comprehensive list here. This is a list of books that I am going to bring with me on the road. Tomorrow we leave for Michigan – just a day’s drive, and […]

one last push

I have been visited by the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, and their names are: 1. Apartment Hunting A painful dance, balancing what luxuries you’ve grown accustomed to, where you can live to accommodate your commute, what kind of lifestyle you believe you deserve, and oh, what you can afford. Apartment hunting makes me want […]

50 Shades of Who Knows

Friends and readers, I read Fifty Shades of Grey. And I enjoyed it. Don’t get me wrong; the writing was deplorable. I’m sure there are better sexy-books out there, for sure. There was rampant phrase repetition, sentences that made no grammatical sense, and the description was simply over the top. Basically, the book was a […]