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2012: week four

January 22 – January 28 My (last!) first week back to school+work+otherwork+otherotherwork+internships+life. For me, the first week is largely experimental. I spend a lot of time planning(obsessing) over my schedule in preparation for a semester. The first week back is putting theory into practice. Am I really going to be able to do everything I […]

what weekends are for

Sometimes, weekends are for this: 1) Watching documentaries. Not because you are particularly excited about Zen masters on a Sunday morning, but because you just want to delete something from your forever-long Netflix queue. 2) Instead of cooking dinner, take all your holiday gift cards for chain restaurants and pool them together with your friends […]

The Fault in Our Stars by John Green

I don’t feel like I am qualified to write a decent “review” of this book because yes, I am a full-fledged John Green fan-girl. To my credit, I was a fan-girl before it was actually normal to say you were a fan-girl of John Green (iosome people prefer the term “nerdfighter”). No, I was just […]

Michael L. Printz Awards, 2012

The ALA Youth Media Awards are like the Oscars to a highly specific set of highly nerdy folks like myself. Actually, I get kind of nerdy about the Oscar noms, too: both awards announcements send me immediately to my library to frantically place holds. My favorite event? The Michael L. Printz Awards, given to young […]

2012: week three

January 15 – January 21 Sunday: Boyfriend wanted to go out to a bar in the 5 degree weather. Convinced him to stay home and play video games instead. Win. Monday: Fact-checked book reviews, mailed packages to reviewers, pulled books on a shelf, and let a friend take me out to Olive Garden for unlimited […]

seven little things about books

1. The 2012 ALA Youth Media Awards are announced this morning at 8:30 EST. I have two extra-special reasons to be excited about this. 2. Reason #1: My adviser/head of my MA program is on the Caldecott committee for this round 3. Reason #2: Tomorrow is my internship day; certainly there should be some buzz […]

Love Letter 2012

Dear Lance, One Two Three Four Five Six Seven Eight Thanks for eight great years, my love. Seems like a long time, but I think we’re still lookin’ good. Happy anniversary! Yours and yours and yours, Jessica  

A Child Called “It”

Can we talk for a minute about this book? Actually, talking about this book is the last thing I want to do. The first thing I want to do? Throw it across the room. Dig a hole and bury it. Bring it back to the library. Any one of those. This is a Syllabus Book. […]

beginning of the end

It finally snowed in Boston. Teacher Boyfriend had his first snow delay and is still in bed, snoozing. Lucky boy. I am awake, trying to re-train myself to rise early so I have a fighting chance at surviving this next semester. This next semester, which starts next week. (gag) This next semester, which is my […]

2012: week two

January 8 – January 14 My dearest, darlingest roommate moved out this week, so this past week was a stupor of Last This and Last That and moving trucks and cleaning and rearranging and feeling mopey. To soothe myself, I watched many discs of Gilmore Girls while using my expensive new piece of computer equipment… […]