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new life, new notebook

You know what they always say: when life hands you lemons, go out and buy a fancy notebook. I haven’t kept a daily notebook like this in quite some time. Grad school has been a mix of self-created spreadsheets and printed schedules and elaborate systems with binders and note cards and color coded things. Yes, […]

2012: week twenty-one

May 20 – May 26 I do not much remember what happened on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday, because on Friday, my favorite roommate returned to Boston for a long weekend. Since leaving, she has become A FULL-FLEDGED, CARD-CARRYING CHILDREN’S LIBRARIAN, so we had a lot to talk about. And a lot of food to […]

notes from the job hunt, vol 1

I. The Numbers I have been applying for jobs for nearly three months now. In that time, I have applied for thirty positions. Out of thirty, I have received… One Skype interview One phone interview One follow-up phone call One job offer (my new part-time job) Four rejections The remaining 23 jobs are, supposedly, still […]


My family is the bomb. My sister flew in on Wednesday to see where/how I live – her first solo flight, first trip to Boston. My aunt and cousin came in on Wednesday as well, to sight-see and eat every strange Boston-based-concoction known to man. On Thursday, my mother and father and other two sisters, […]


Taking a few days off from blogging so I can graduate. Finding a suitable reservation for 12 people on a Friday night during graduation season in a major metropolis is proving stressful. I need a little time to my self. Here’s hoping that all my graduation pictures look like the previous pic and not like […]

2012: week nineteen

May 6 – May 12 I am having trouble acknowledging that my regular-grad-school-life is coming to a close. Maybe because my schedule has me a bit distracted from the rhythm of academic life. More than once this has bitten me in the butt at work, lately. “Oh, you need your course evaluation packet? In 10 […]


The nice thing about being Really Very Busy is that when you are done being busy, it feels really very good. It takes a little while to realize that you are done being Really Very Busy, but at some point you will find yourself sitting on a couch and saying to yourself “Hmm… I guess […]

susceptible to hype + a break

When news about the movie and the casting and the posters and the pictures and the trailers and everything else came out, I was indifferent. Books into movies are tricky. I don’t get disappointed, I don’t get invested. But I have to say, I am having trouble thinking about much else other than my Hunger […]

2012: week ten

March 4 – March 10  I think the universe knew I was turning ancient at the end of the week and decided that I deserved a break. Everything was turning up roses for Professional Jessica:   + I got a (part-time summer) job interview + My paper is on the wait list for a summer […]

The State of the Semester

The first quarter of the semester is now over. Wait, correction. The first quarter OF MY LAST SEMESTER OF GRAD SCHOOL is now over. I am busier than belief. I mean, I thought last semester took the cake, but this semester, every week goes a little like this: Sunday – Monday – Tuesday – Wednesday […]