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seven things about rome, before i forget them

  International travel was about as stressful as I imagined it would be, although I admit the stress was entirely me-related and not travel-related. There was airport confusion, haggling with cabbies, disorderly airport shuttles, and a missed train, but the anxiety surrounding potential problems was far greater than the actual experience. We made it through […]

goodbye, goodbye

Moving is eminent. In 24 hours, we will be carrying our belongings down three flights of stairs and awaiting our movers. Still feeling no big deal about it, but last night I got hungry and started having some thoughts. My first thought: “Man, we are moving in a day and have no food in the […]

reading in roma

Hello there! I am now a married lady. So that is a thing. More on that when I admit that it happened and it wasn’t just a crazy, hazy dream. I am also on vacation, which is a thing I haven’t experienced in quite some time. Our little jaunt to Chicago felt a bit like […]

conference, ahoy

Remember this conference I couldn’t decide about? I decided to go. Have I ever written about Yes-Life here? No? Well, when I was in grad school I kept accidentally acquiring fabulous new ways to spend my time. Okay, fine, they weren’t all fabulous, but some of them were lucrative. Okay FINE 12 dollars an hour […]

fever pitch

On Sunday The Boy and I walked home from the train station feeling mutually lifeless. Drowsy. Spent. A fun-weekend-with-houseguests-and-friends hangover – happy feelings tempered by exhaustion, a looming dread related to the amount of dishes, laundry, and grocery shopping you haven’t been doing. Maybe a touch of an actual hangover? The topic of “alright what […]

a mighty weekend

FRIDAY Invented some questionable vanilla-cornmeal cupcakes with a lime buttercream frosting after work. Accidentally watched a hockey game at a friend’s place. I sure accidentally watch a lot of sports in this here romantic relationship. Forgot to bring invented cupcakes with me. Of course. SATURDAY Ate a cupcake for breakfast. Accidentally went to the Pride […]

my favorite nightstand

Usually when I visit Michigan I am relegated to the couch, but this time I bunked up with my favorite member of the Class of 2013. I’m not just saying that because she called me out in her valedictorian speech. I think she is my favorite because whenever I looked over to check the clock […]

spring things

1. April in Boston, man. It’s a dream. The sun shows up in the morning, birds chirping, etc. The sun is still up when I get out of work. Things are getting green again, flowers are everywhere. Lovely cool breezes and sunglasses. On Friday, we ran the Southwest Corridor park and discovered there is a […]


In accordance with my self-imposed More Documenting credo, I have been filling three little notebooks with The Things That I Do. The red notebook is for books (because one list isn’t enough), the pink notebook is for meals (because I am in a perpetual state of Meal Planning Angst, unable to remember a single dish […]

david macaulay and the eternal city

Each night, hundreds of exciting things are going on in my fair city, and even when I am expressly invited to partake in in one such activity, I usually weasel my way out of it. It’s cold/It’s far away/I am not feeling well/I had a long day/I am a insistently joyless human. Et cetera. However, […]