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on boston

My boyfriend and I decided to move to Boston in May of 2009. We moved into our Jamaica Plain apartment in August. This is what it looked like: …almost two years ago. We’ve been Bostonians/Michigan Ex-pats/City-Slickers for almost two years now. (Oh, the time. It flies) I used to think a lot about The Move. […]

one last hurrah

When July arrives (in like, 35 seconds), I will be blessed with an additional class added to the summer pile. For those of you not in the know, summer class is a bit of a different beast than the regular semester. Instead of meeting once a week for 3 hours, summer class meets twice a […]

happy blah day

I am feeling too blah for words today. There is only one cure I can think of: dreaming about a new kitten. Look how cute the one I have used to be! Or maybe an extended cuddling session with this grown-up kitty named Peach. She grew up awful cute. Please note that “working for another […]

the messiest neat freak you will ever meet

One of my summer classes started last week. LIS 415: Information Organization, or The Class Formerly Known As Cataloging. I know that I have expressed mixed feelings about my experience in library school and my opinions of libraries in general, but this class makes me feel a bit nerdy and squishy inside. Categorizing! Creating organization […]


Hi, Dad. I was going to call you, but then I went over my first assignment with my roommate and realized I got half the questions wrong so I had to sit down and get the work done. Now, it is 9 o’clock and the homework isn’t quite done. I haven’t taken a shower since […]

Summer 2011: goals * projects * trips

It took me about three days after returning from Michigan to fully recover from my flight nightmare and return to simply stressing out about nothing/everything. This is my last full week sans classes, so I should be moderately chill. But no. I’m not. I’m standing here, in the first week of June, staring down the […]

my life in pictures, pt 2

Photo #1: Damian Kulash A few weeks ago, went down to the Esplanade to see a free OK Go concert in the band shell. I really like OK Go. There was this one semester in college when my iPod mini ceased to hold a charge and wouldn’t tolerate my bad habit of skipping madly through […]

my life in pictures

I feel weird writing something here without a picture to show you. I mean, I don’t mind READING stuff online that doesn’t have pictures, but I still feel like an entry is more substantial, more finished, if there is something interesting to look at. This occasionally creates a problem. You see, I don’t like lugging […]

fine art

Last Saturday, my friends and I decided to take the afternoon and visit the latest exhibit at the Museum of Fine Arts. The MFA, if you will. First stop, the Chihuly. Oh, it was just exquisite. If you get a free afternoon and you are in the area, you should really visit. It was truly […]

my misspent youth

Fun fact about me: I have really weird taste in Youtube videos. Some favorite categories: Old Sesame Street clips The Swedish Chef Live collegiate a cappella Songs I find hilarious (but make other people wonder what is wrong with me) Live tornado footage And today’s favorite: Children With Youtube Channels It started with this inspired […]