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best moments of 2012

As I have told you time and time and time again, 2012? Ridiculous year. I hope down to my bones that I will never have another year like it. Everything I predicted on January 3rd came true, except for becoming unemployed – I hung onto that one last part-time job until the bitter end. Stress […]

so you ran out of This American Life, vol. 2

Nine months ago, I fell down the well of Obsessive Podcast Listening. I don’t know if this is necessary correlative, but you know what? I’ve been a happier person these last nine month, and one place I get a lot of daily happiness is picking a good podcast to keep me company. I can’t quite […]

an oscar reading list

Two problems: Problem #1 – I have this deep, cosmic feeling that before I see a movie based on a book, I must do my best to read the book. This isn’t always a successful or useful endeavor. I end up speed-reading books in the parking lot of a movie theater (Coraline), I criticize the […]

a tale of three movies

In the three years I spent in grad school, I think I watched a grand total of three movies in the theater. Maybe four. (All of them were arguably for children, but that is neither here nor there) Last week I decided to make up for lost time. Or, more accurately, I decided to see […]

television, television

So, we have cable again. They offered us a good package, basically the same price for internet+cable as just-internet. The boy can’t resist sports, and I like to think that I am master of my technology and not the other way around. This is going to sound weird, but I think a lot about what […]