09 Jan 2012

2012: week one

January 1 – January 7

  • First week back from Michigan. Jumped right from vacation to working, but feel a little mentally unprepared for the upcoming semester. I feel about three steps behind never quite ready for what’s going to happen next week, tomorrow, later this afternoon. Stuff like “laundry” and “grocery shopping” and “cleaning up” seems incredibly challenging. Hopefully I will snap out of it.
  • A bit on edge. Catch myself clenching my jaw unconsciously. Headaches. A migraine on Thursday.
  • Watching: How I Met Your Mother, season 5
  • Reading:
  • Thinking about:
    • My resume
    • How to slice some $$$ from our grocery budget.
    • My sister and her sick gall bladder/subsequent surgery.
    • How much I will miss my roommate and how and when we will be reunited in the future.
    • Exciting upcoming mail deliveries.
  • Major accomplishments:
    • Beating Zelda Twilight Princess.
    • Going to the gym 3 days in a row.

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