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I do not like Halloween. In the interest of having a good time, I roused my sick boyfriend, my indignant roommate, and a number of semi-indignant friends to dressing up and attending a party on Saturday. In the snow. It wasn’t a bad evening. But since I got that out of the way, now I […]

this week

This week… 1. I decided there was an extra day in between Wednesday and Thursday. On this mythical day, I would be able to finish reading The Magical Adventures of Pretty Pearl by Virginia Hamilton and then move quickly onto Robin McKinley’s Beauty in time for class on Thursday afternoon. Um. Let’s put it this […]

zippity zound

Elizabeth from Fuse #8 asks: So let’s say that you are given a chance to name the Sendak book that best sums up your own personal world view. What would you pick? Easy. Although competition is certainly fierce, I will argue that this is the superior volume of the Nutshell Library. In case you don’t […]

Reading Wishlist – October 2011

This month, as I continue to trod across post-apocalyptic landscapes, into alternate versions of the past, and virtual realities, I find myself craving something… real. I want non-fiction. Metamaus by Art Speigelman The Sibling Effect by Jeffrey Kluger The History of White People by Nell Irvin Painter I want essays. Is Everyone Hanging Out Without […]

2011 National Book Awards

I really look forward to the National Book Award nominations. I think it’s the bit of suspense – the short list is announced in October and then the winners for each category given in November. Maybe in another life (next year?) I will be able to READ all of the nominees in that short period […]

saturday morning no. 186

My downstairs neighbors woke up early to resume the loud argument they began last night. My darlingest of boyfriends has told me to not, under any circumstance, wake him up early. (My cat, however, received no such warning.) My breakfast: half a grilled portabello sandwich from last night’s take out. My singular task for this […]

when in new england

… do as the New Englanders do. It was kind of chilly/overcast… but what better kind of weather to take fancy photos in, my dear? It didn’t help that my friends and I are just so stunningly attractive. We picked a 1/2 bushel of apples, but we just kind of randomly picked everything we found. […]

the meaning of life

I think I accidentally went to an undergrad party last night. Evidence: Overheard conversations regarding certain party-goers inability to purchase alcohol Games with beer A lot of standing around and walking from room to room The girls in the apartment were not, in aggregate, wearing enough fabric on their bottom halves to constitute a single […]

stories about stories

I had an English professor for my Senior Seminar who believed 700% in the power of reading books aloud. To your kids. To your students who are kids. To your students who are adults and sitting in their Senior Seminar class wondering why they are being read to instead of lectured at. I found this […]