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what i read this month – november 2017

Another month in the thick of Book Review Season. I found my assignments a little easier to get through this month than last, but I am finding myself growing so, so weary of the following in YA lit: Therapeutic Road trips (2/8) Car crashes (3/8) Dead siblings/parents/best friends (4/8) Bucket lists, especially tackling someone else’s […]

running in 2013

Some time in 2012, I wrote out a little monthly calendar to guide me through the next year. A page for each month, highlighting any holidays, vacations, or other notable events for the month. I set out some little goal deadlines for my New Year’s Resolutions. I wrote in some wedding planning stuff. The big […]

bad dreams, new year’s resolutions, and trash

A few weeks ago, I had a dream that I ran five miles. This might seem like a long, boring, unpleasant way to spend your sleeping hours. But trust me, running dreams are pretty fun. Dream running is easy, it’s fast, and you usually are doing something strange like running barefoot or running from the […]

happy marathon monday!

You guys, it’s almost Marathon Monday! Here are some lazy and non-lazy fun things to do to celebrate Boston’s Running Holiday: 1. Watch Spirit of the Marathon This is probably my favorite documentary, about four folks running the Chicago marathon. There is interesting information about the history of street racing and lots of that emotional […]

letter to a beginning runner

Dear Beginning Runner, You: Have never been a runner Are pretty out of shape Aren’t of the body type to be a natural runner Don’t eat healthy 100% of the time Have some running shoes, a sports bra, but not much else… Every time you run any distance (a half mile, a mile, 2 minutes), […]

how to run if you’re not a runner

This is my little sister Dorothy. She is a runner! I am not a runner, I have never BEEN a runner, and I actually hate the physical act. It hurts. I can’t breathe. I can’t run for any significant distance, despite other indicators of my physical fitness. I would much rather chug away for an […]