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a first birth story, part iii

Part III: The Action… and the Baby It was almost 7 p.m. I’d been at the hospital since 9 the previous night, on Pitocin since 8 in the morning. Some point during that time, I stopped fussing with the monitors and talking about musicals and started… well… laboring. I tried some different labor positions throughout […]

a first birth story, part ii

  Part II: The Mostly Boring Labor In my limited, single-birth experience, I can see some benefits to labor beginning with your water breaking. 1) It makes for a good story! “And then my water broke!” Sploosh! 2) It’s a pretty hard to argue with. There’s none of that “hmmm, was that a contraction? Am […]

a first birth story: part i

I’ve tried to write this story so many times since June 10th, 2016. I’m afraid that I’ll write it wrong, that I won’t have the skill to turn my memories into A Real Birth Story – not just a retelling of facts and events, but a real story, with tension, rising and falling action, and […]