18 Feb 2010


I’m in kind of a reading slump. After a semester of intense required reading of YA books of all sorts, and then a little winter break “Catch up with every cool book I missed out on while I was reading required books” and then a little bit of HOLYCRAPLOOKATTHESEAWESOMEARC madness, I’m in a weird reading place.

I indulged a craving for adult nonfic

Which left me

1) Intrigued

2) Comforted

3) Horrified


4) Planning on eating My Last Hamburger For The Foreseeable Future this weekend.


But not particularly satisfied.

I have a shelf full of perfectly pleasing YAs, some that I’d been anticipating the chance to read.

But nothing’s really pulling me in.

So I don’t know.

I’m feeling an urge to revisit my favorites. I want to read Sarah Dessen after Sarah Dessen, meet up with Jessica Darling. But maybe I just want something more expansive.

A book I can get lost in.

Books that feature descriptions of animal slaughter don’t really have that quality.

Strangely enough.

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