05 Jan 2012

perfect chemistry?

My reading year is off to a rocky start. Already.

I am really not a book hater. I can usually find something redeemable in any book. I get irritated in class when the Debbie Downers pipe up and point out the flaws in Every.Single.Book.We.Read.

But I just hated this book. It was full of product name drops, forced dialogue, stock characters, weird pseudo-racism, and teen movie plot cliches. Supposedly, it is a romance, but it was kind of an Edward+Bella romance, as in “We are meant to be, but we have no real character depth or personalities, so just please believe us when we fall madly, inexplicably in love and enjoy our lurid descriptions of each other’s perfect bodies.”

Maybe I just have higher standards for romance? This wouldn’t be the first time I’ve been accused of being “unromantic,” but that is an entirely different conversation…

This class is getting me nervous. I am going to be that Debbie Downer. I can feel it already.


  1. Janssen wrote:

    I will tell you that, in comparison to the sequel, this book is a masterpiece of American literature. (I am not reading the third one, obviously).

    Also, is this the brand new books class? (Can I see the syllabus? Do I ask that every time you mention a class? Yes.).

    Posted on 1.5.12 · Reply to comment
    • jessica wrote:

      Yes, ma’am! I am taking Young Adult Lit from the library angle, and this particular professor prefers to assign books teens ACTUALLY are currently reading, rather than making everyone read Seventeenth Summer and The Outsiders for a historical perspective. They aren’t ALL new books, but most of them were published within the past 3-4 years! This is exciting, but some of these books sound supremely awful. I will send along the reading list for you to judge as well, haha

      Posted on 1.6.12 · Reply to comment

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